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Our Top 5 CES 2018 Tech Reveals

By February 19, 2018No Comments

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — except the biggest reveals at CES, also known as The International Consumer Electronics Show. This year, the new tech at CES 2018 ranged from rollable television displays to brand-new smartphones, as well as robotic dogs, because let’s be honest, too many families have lost their Roombas to a family pet’s accidents.

Which reveals are garnering the most attention from our team at The Whiz Cells, though? Find out below with our top five tech picks from CES 2018:

1. Vivo Smartphone

For many smartphone users, their fingerprints are their go-to choice for unlocking their device. While today’s phones, such as the Google Pixel and iPhone 8, feature physical scanners, the upcoming smartphone from Vivo promises to include an in-display fingerprint scanner. What’s exciting about this CES 2018 reveal is that it’s the first phone to feature the technology and pushes forward the movement for bezel-free and waterproof designs.

2. LG Roll-Up OLED Display

We already watch movies and television shows on the go, so why not make the experience even better? At least, that’s what LG thought with their smart, rollable 65-inch OLED screen — which features a 4K resolution. We’re pumped about this new tech from CES 2018 because of what it means for the future of smartphones. If you follow Samsung, you already know they’re developing a foldable display for the Samsung Galaxy X. Add in that LG already offers their own line of smartphones, and it makes for an exciting year of releases.

3. 5G Network

Before consumers even experienced 4G LTE, telecommunication companies were already looking towards the next wireless network — 5G. This year at CES, AT&T and Verizon both shared their plans for introducing 5G to the public, with Verizon aiming for 2019 and AT&T planning for late 2018. While seen as more of a highlight of CES 2018, the launch of 5G promises not only an enhanced experience for smartphone users but also early adopters of self-driving cars, such as the Model 3 from Tesla.

4. Vuzix Blade AR Glasses

While Google Glass wasn’t a widespread success, it inspired movements to introduce internet-connected eyewear. One such pair is the Vuzix Blade Glasses, which feature a crisp and colorful augmented reality (AR) display plus support for Amazon Alexa. We’re pumped about this new tech from CES 2018 because it’s bound to impact cell phones, as the eyewear would likely feature favorite mobile apps and applications to connect to your phone, allowing you to read messages and more — without opening your phone.

5. Google Assistant

You’re probably wondering, why did Google Assistant make our “Top 5 Tech at CES 2018” list? After all, it’s not a new technology. Google’s continued, however, to update and improve the algorithms behind their voice assistant, which is why they announced at CES 2018 that, “Hey Google,” would become a go-to phrase for owners of smart televisions. As Google Assistant is a well-known feature of the Google Pixel line, you can expect the tool to become even more convenient and responsive as more people adopt it.

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