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Sell Your Google Phone

Trade in Your Google Phone for Cash

Today’s smartphones are great tools, but they can also be expensive. To get the newest technology, many people sell their current phones to offset the cost of a new device. If you’re hoping to replace your old Google phone with something different, you need to find a buyer you trust to pay what your phone is actually worth — preferably in a timely manner.

At The Whiz Cells, we work to refurbish and recycle old phones so they can stay in users’ hands and out of landfills. When you sell your Google phone to us, we make the process easy and pay a competitive price, which we’ll send to you fast, so you can pay for your next phone and relax knowing your old device is going to good use.

How the Whiz Cells Makes Selling Your Google Phone Easy

The Whiz Cells buys all Google Pixel phones, as well as the most recent Nexus model, the Nexus 6P. You can sell your Google Pixel or Nexus phone online through our website in a few simple steps.

First, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your phone, such as its carrier, storage capacity and condition. Then, you’ll receive an offer. If you decide to accept it, you can ship us your phone and await your payment.

As soon as we receive your phone, we check to make sure it matches your description. If everything looks good, we’ll send your payment through PayPal, Venmo, or a personal check — you can choose whichever payment method you prefer. We send payments with 72 hours of receiving your phone, so you’ll have cash in your pocket as soon as possible.

How Our Prices Compare to the Industry Average

It can be challenging to find a buyer willing to pay what your Google phone is worth. At The Whiz Cells, we’ll buy your phone at a competitive price. We pay more than carriers and typically around 10 percent more per phone than our online competitors too.

In addition to fair payment, when working with The Whiz Cells, you’ll also get the added value of a safe process — we’ll wipe your phone’s data for free as soon as we receive it — as well as fast payment and free shipping.

What’s the Fastest Way to Sell Your Google Phone to The Whiz Cells?

The fastest way to sell your Google phone to us is by using our Stupid Fast Payment (SFP) option. With this option, you can use your own packaging to mail the device. If you choose PayPal or Venmo as your payment method, we’ll pay you within one business day of receiving the phone. Often, we’re able to send payment the very same day.

What About Shipping Costs?

We offer our customers several shipping options. If using SFP, you’ll receive a free printable label to use with your own packaging, so you can get the fastest payment. If you would prefer, though, we can also provide all the packaging you need to ship your phone for free.

No matter what shipping option you choose, we’ll pay for the shipping costs, so there’s no financial barrier to selling your phone.

Sign Up and Sell Your Google Phone Today

When selling your phone, you need to find a buyer who will pay you quickly and fairly, so you can purchase your next device. If you’re ready to sell your Google phone, sign up for your free account on and get started today!