Sell Your Samsung Devices

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Get Fast Cash for Samsung Phones

Did you recently upgrade to a new Samsung phone and are wondering what you should do with your old one? Instead of throwing it in a random drawer or letting it collect dust on a shelf, consider selling your old Samsung phone for instant cash. At The Whiz Cells, we purchase old devices – including broken phones – and offer top dollar in return.

The Whiz Cells Offers Cash for Samsung Phones

Selling your old Samsung phone with The Whiz Cells is an easy way to get instant cash. Whether you want to offset the cost of your new phone or want more spending money for the things you love, this is the perfect opportunity. We usually offer 10% more per phone than our main competitors, and we’ll even purchase a phone you still owe money on. We accept everything from the Galaxy Note 3 to the S20, and there’s no limit on the number of phones you can sell. So, if you’ve collected a large number of phones over the years, you can send them all our way. We also offer bulk selling for businesses trying to recycle their old Samsung phones.

A Convenient and Fast Process

The Whiz Cells is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to sell your Samsung phone online thanks to our easy selling process. It all begins with a few simple questions about your phone’s carrier, condition and storage capacity. We’ll provide an immediate cash quote based on your answers. Then, you can request a prepaid mailing package or shipping label and drop your phone off at the post office or a USPS drop-off location. Once we receive your phone, we’ll do a quick inspection and get your payment processed.

An Online Buyer You Can Trust

Phones can be worth a good amount of money, which makes choosing a trustworthy buyer essential. The Whiz Cells is a reputable online electronics buyer, and we make our process as safe and secure as possible. With us, you don’t have to worry about meeting up with strangers and we take care to make sure all personal information is erased from your phone. Over a thousand satisfied customers have left reviews on, and we have a rating of 4+ star that you can trust. We also offer a variety of payment methods, including a personal check if you aren’t comfortable with digital payments.

The Stupid Fast Payment Option for Samsung Phone Trade-Ins

The quickest way to get cash for your Samsung phone is with our Stupid Fast Payment (SFP) option. This option requires that you use your own packaging, and that can usually be acquired for less than a dollar. For your payment method, you’ll need to pick either Venmo or PayPal. With SFP, you’ll get your payment within one business day of us receiving your phone, and sometimes we can even get it processed the same day. If you request packaging from us instead, the payment should still be processed within 72 hours, but a personal check can take up to 10 days to get you.

How Do I Sell My Samsung Phone?

There’s no reason to keep putting off selling your old Samsung phone. You can get started today by registering for a free account at