How To Sell Your Broken Phone Or Tablet For Cash

Sell a Broken Phone or Tablet Online

Cell phones and tablets are fragile devices that are easily damaged by dropping, scratching or accidentally immersing them in water. It used to be that the only recourse for an owner of a broken mobile device was to toss it in the trash. The good news is that you can sell a broken phone for cash at The Whiz Cells! We’ll give you top dollar for your damaged cell phonetablet or just about any other mobile device.

We Make It Simple to Sell a Broken Phone for Cash

You don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to sell your broken mobile phone or tablet at The Whiz Cells. You can begin by finding your old device and creating a free online account at, which takes just a few minutes. Then, answer a few questions about your cell phone or tablet and receive an immediate cash offer. Our competitive pricing ensures you’ll receive top dollar for your device.

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Get Your Cash In One Business Day With Our Stupid Fast Payment Option

When you sell your broken cell phone or tablet to us, you can receive your cash in as little as one business day. Just use your own packaging to ship your device to us and we’ll process the transaction right away. You can receive payment by PayPal or Venmo within one business day! We call this method “Stupid Fast Payment,” but most of our customers view this as a smart way to sell a broken phone for cash!

We’ll Put Your Old Mobile Phone or Tablet to Good Use

The Whiz Cells doesn’t throw away old electronics. Our business is refurbishing them and then reselling them to individuals looking to upgrade from outdated technologies. They get an expertly reconditioned product at an affordable price, and you’ll get the satisfaction of helping others along with some extra cash in your pocket. You’re also doing your part to reduce the volume of electronic waste that ends up in landfills. Even if your broken mobile phone is beyond repair, we can often salvage usable parts that can be installed in other devices.

Don’t throw that device away: sell your broken phone for cash at The Whiz Cells!

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