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How Do I Sell My iPhone Online?

How do I sell my iPhone online? What about my old iPad? If you’re looking to get rid of that obsolete or damaged device, you’ll definitely want to find a reputable buyer that will pay top dollar and offer a secure transaction process. makes selling an iPhone or iPad online fast, easy and safe.


How Does It Work?

You can begin the process of selling that outdated or damaged iPad or iPhone by signing up for a free account. Dig that old device out of the drawer and answer a few brief questions, and you’ll receive an immediate cash offer.

Take advantage of our Stupid Fast Payment option where you send us your own packaging, which you can typically purchase for less than a dollar. We’ll even cover all the shipping costs for you! If you choose SFP and select Paypal or Dwolla as the payment method, we can normally send cash within one business day of receiving your device, and often the very same day!


How Do I Sell My iPhone or iPad Without Having to Purchase My Own Packaging?

You can also have us send packaging to you at no cost. We’ll then send your payment via Dwolla or Paypal within 72 hours of receiving your device. If you prefer a personal check, it normally takes 7-10 days to receive payment. Again, we’ll take care of all the shipping costs!


What About Security?

Many people have concerns about selling their electronic devices to third parties. At The Whiz Cells, we’ll do a complete data wipe as soon as we receive your iPhone or iPad to remove all personal or sensitive data, giving you total peace of mind. We have established a solid reputation as a trusted electronics purchaser, so you’ll avoid the uncertainty and possible dangers that come with selling your device via online auctions or by meeting in person with a stranger.

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