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Our Selling Process

By November 29, 2017 No Comments

If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to sell a used phone online before and struggled with the process, you’re in luck. The online selling process for The Whiz Cells couldn’t be easier. You’ll be able to get your phone to us fast and get paid for it fast too. Here are the simple steps to the process.

How to Sell My Cell Phone Online with The Whiz Cells

Once you go online to The Whiz Cells and follow the prompts to register the device you are going to sell and provide us with all the information we need to generate a quote and prepare for the arrival of your device, one of two things will happen:

  1. If you requested The Whiz Cells Packaging, we’ll send you a prepaid mailing package for you to put your phone in. While this will make sending your phone to us even easier, you’ll receive payment faster if you use your own packaging.
  2. If you didn’t request our packaging, we’ll email a prepaid shipping label to you as quickly as possible so you can send us your phone right away. If you don’t see the email from us in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  3. Put your phone or tablet in the provided package — or if you are self-packaging, in your own package with our prepaid shipping label affixed to it.
  4. Drop the packaged phone off at the Post Office or an authorized USPS drop location, or give it to your mail carrier.
  5. You can have the Post Office or USPS representative scan the package while you are there and give you a receipt, but you don’t need to — you’re free to just drop it off and go.

Your part of the process is now complete. Right when we get the package, we’ll open it up and inspect your device to make sure it matches the specifications you indicated when you submitted your sell request. As soon as we’ve verified your device, we’ll process your payment. Payments are typically processed the day after we receive and verify your item. If you requested payment via PayPal, your payment will appear in your account immediately upon processing. If you requested a check, you can expect a wait of two to five business days to receive your check in the mail.

Sell Your Phone Easily Anytime With The Whiz Cells

And that’s all there is to it. We pride ourselves on our fast, easy sales process and Stupid Fast Payments. If you have any further questions about how it works, feel free to check out our FAQ or email us at Questions@TheWhizCells.com.