About Us


We empower our customers with effective means to make cash on their old or unused electronics.

The Whiz Cells is an electronics recycler. Our mission is to keep electronics in use as long as possible to keep e-waste to a minimum in our landfills while putting money in your pocket. How do we accomplish this? We purchase used electronics and resell them to people that may be upgrading from much older technology at a reduced cost.

The Whiz Cells quickly sent my money to paypal the day after I had confirmation that my HTC Trophy had arrived to their office. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to make money on your old phones.

Matt Haynes

Why Choose Us?

It is such a pain to sell anything. Answering the same questions from ten different people can be annoying and time consuming.  It is even worse if the buyer has more questions or wants to return the item. By selling your phone or tablet to The Whiz Cells no worries of returns or more questions.

Do you want to wait a long time to get paid? Of course not! At The Whiz Cells your payment will be processed within 72 hours from the time we receive the package. We process orders 18hrs a day to ensure the quickest payment possible!

We purchase not only phones that are in good working order but we will pay you cash for broken phones as well. Drop your phone and the screen is broken? We may still give you cash for your phone!

Portable electronics hold a lot of personal information. Rest easy knowing we do a free Data Wipe of all information on all electronics that we buy.

Our Skills

Get paid within 2 days of us receiving your shipment

Make sure to choose paypal as your payment method and provide the correct paypal email address so that you recieve your money as soon as possible.

Shipping is a breeze

We provide the shipping label and if your order qualifies we can even provide the box through a partnership with USPS. No hassle and most importantly there is no cost to you.

There is no easier more effective way to make money on your old electronics

This is a pretty good reason right? We hear all the time from our customers who are thrilled to get cash for the old cell phone they had just thrown in the sock drawer. We pay top dollar for your used cell phones and tablets to help you upgrade to the latest and greatest.