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If you own a smartphone, there’s one thing you can count on: it’s only a matter of time until a newer, more technologically advanced model hits the stores, making your current version look like a dinosaur. When it’s time to upgrade an outdated phone, or replace a damaged device don’t throw the old one into the garbage. Sell it online to and get fast cash to put in your pocket!

Why Do We Want Your Old Phone?

Here at The Whiz Cells, we buy old phones, and other mobile devices refurbish them, and resell them to individuals looking to upgrade from extremely outdated technology. This helps people get the phones they need at an affordable price, while also keeping e-waste to a minimum.

Our commitment to offering fantastic prices for old devices while also helping others and the environment makes The Whiz Cells the best place to sell smartphones online!

When We Say You Can Sell Smartphones Online for “Fast” Cash, We Mean It!

If you want us to send the packaging for shipping your smartphone to us (both packaging and shipping are free), we can have the cash in your hands in as little as 72 hours. But if you want your money even faster, you can take advantage of our Stupid Fast Payment option where you send us your device using your own packaging (again, we’ll pay the shipping costs) and receive payment within one business day via Paypal or Venmo. In many cases, we can issue payment the very same day!

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To get started, register for your free The Whiz Cells Account. Simply locate your phone, answer a few brief questions and receive an immediate cash offer. We think you’ll agree that is the best place to sell smartphones online!

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