How To Recycle Your Mobile Devices With The Whiz Cells

Why Should You Recycle Your Cell Phone?

While the rapidly evolving cell phone and tablet technology is mostly a good thing, it can sometimes pose a dilemma for cell phone owners. Specifically, your device can become obsolete almost as soon as you buy it! This means that, in many cases, “old” cell phones aren’t really old at all. It doesn’t make sense to just throw them away after you replace them with the latest product on the market.


The Whiz Cells Will Pay Top Dollar for Old Cell Phones

The Whiz Cells is a leading mobile recycling company that will give you a great price for your old cell phone, smartphone or tablet. You can even receive your cash in as little as one business day. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of mobile recycling!

Mobile Recycling: The Perfect Alternative to Tossing Outdated Devices in the Trash

A growing number of cell phone and tablet owners are turning to mobile recycling as an alternative to disposing their unused devices. With mobile recycling, the products are expertly refurbished to like-new condition and then resold at an affordable price to people looking to upgrade from outdated technologies. In addition to helping others, recycling old cell phones offers other important benefits including:

  • Contributing to a greener planet — The huge volume of electronic waste that’s ending up in landfills has become a major concern. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that leach into the soil. Mobile recycling reduces the number of devices that are dumped into landfills, which helps to protect and preserve the environment.
  • Less “junk” around the house — If you don’t throw your old cell phone away, it is destined to become just another item that takes up space in your home or car. Mobile recycling can contribute to reducing the clutter that most of us are trying to avoid.
  • You can even get cash for old cell phones — Did you know that you can sell old cell phones for cash? This makes mobile recycling a great way to offset some of the cost of a new phone or simply makes the inside of your wallet — and the planet — a little greener.
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