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The Environmental Impact of Recycling Your Old Electronics

By September 24, 2015October 29th, 2020No Comments

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old cell phone or tablet when you throw it in the trash? Just like the rest of your household garbage, it’s likely to end up in the local landfill. And with the huge volume of new electronic products that continue to flood the market on an almost daily basis, a rapidly increasing number of  “obsolete” electronic devices are now littering landfills across the USA and around the world.

What Is Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is a general term used to describe all types of discarded electronic products. When these items are deposited in landfills, their leaching chemicals pose an environmental hazard. And with available landfill space at a premium in many areas of the world, adding more e-waste is making the problem turn from bad to worse.

Recycling Can Minimize the Effects of E-Waste

Recycling e-waste is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to dumping it in a landfill. With recycling, old cellphones and other electronic gadgets are refurbished and resold at an inexpensive price. If a broken device cannot be repaired, any usable parts are extracted and inserted in other devices. Thus, when you choose to recycle old electronics instead of tossing them away, you’re helping to reduce the negative environmental effects of e-waste — recycling just one cellphone can save enough energy to power one laptop for up to 44 hours!

The Whiz Cells Specializes in Recycling Old Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices 

At The Whiz Cells, we recycle old electronics and resell them to people looking to upgrade from outdated technologies at an affordable price. When you sell your mobile device to us, you’re doing your part to create a greener planet. We’ll also pay you top dollar for your old phone or tablet. In fact, we’ll match or beat any advertised price from a reputable company.