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5 Reasons to Recycle Your Cell Phone

By July 21, 2015May 14th, 2023No Comments

Quick question: What did you do with your old cell phone or smartphone when you purchased your current device? Did you toss it in the trash? Is it lying in a drawer or taking up space in your car’s glove box or console? A better use for old cell phones is to recycle them. When you recycle your mobile phone, you’ll benefit in multiple ways:

  1. You’ll protect the environment. Cell phones contain components that are not biodegradable. Recycling your phone instead of tossing it in the trash means it won’t take up space in a landfill. You’ll be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.
  1. You’ll reduce clutter. Phone recycling can rid your home or car of clutter. You might even free up space in your glove box for your gloves!
  1. You’ll help others. Recycled phones can often be refurbished and sold at a cheap price. You’ll be helping individuals or organizations that might not otherwise be able to afford brand-new devices.
  1. You’ll use working parts. Even if your phone no longer works, it might still have some functioning parts that can be recycled and used as part of the refurbishment process for other phones.
  1. You’ll make some extra cash. There are businesses that specialize in phone recycling, enabling you to sell your old phone for cash.