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What Are the Best Cell Phones to Sell Used?

By August 7, 2015No Comments

The time has come to upgrade to a new mobile device. If you’ve made the wise decision to sell a used iPad, BlackBerry or other product at The Whiz Cells, you’re probably wondering which devices will get you the most money. Here are a few examples of how much you can really get when you sell an iPad online, as well as other popular mobile products. Remember that newer devices in good condition tend to sell at higher prices than older models:

  • iPads and iPhones — If you hope to sell a used iPad online for cash, you could get as much as $133 for an iPad 3. An iPhone 6 Plus could bring up to $1,120.
  • BlackBerry — You could sell a BlackBerry Q10 for up to $73.
  • HTC — A 2014 model One M8 could bring as much as $181.
  • LG — Do you have an old G3 lying around? Sell it to us and get up to $185.
  • Motorola — We’ll pay as much as $216 for a Nexus 6.
  • Nokia — The Lumia 1520 could yield a return of up to $136.
  • Samsung — Sell your Galaxy Edge at The Whiz Cells and receive as much as $370.
  • Sony — Your Xperia Z3 could sell for up to $180.

The best way to find out how much you can get when you sell an iPad online for cash – or any other device – at is to contact The Whiz Cells for a fast and free quote. We’ll also match any advertised price from a reputable company. Get started today!