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What Is the Most Secure Type of Authentication for Your Mobile Phone?

By December 6, 2017No Comments

With all the critical information you have on your mobile phone, you must secure it in some way. You know all the different ways to create a secure password, but is a password really the most secure login system for your phone?

Best Phone Authentication Options

There are many ways today to protect your phone, but should you opt for a fingerprint scanner vs. password protection, for example? What about fingerprint scanner vs. iris scanner? How about PINs, voice authentication or pattern recognition? Here are two of the most secure phone lock options for your phone:

  1. Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to secure a mobile phone. It’s easy to use, no one else can get control of it — without using 007-esque spycraft like cloning a fingerprint you left on a dinner glass or cutting off your finger — and it gets around the password problem of creating an authentication code too difficult for a hacker to crack but easy enough for you to remember. You’re not going to forget your fingerprint, and you’ll always have it with you.

  1. Iris Scanner

Some people prefer the idea of an iris scanner to fingerprint identification. The iris is a part of the eye that has an extremely detailed, unique structure that doesn’t change with age. The iris scanner turns the structure of your iris into a code that it can compare with anyone who looks into your phone.

The iris scanner is probably the most accurate method of identification, and therefore the most effective. It’s proven to be more accurate than fingerprint recognition, with no false matches in more than two million cross-comparisons. It’s easy to use by just looking into a camera in your phone, and like your fingerprint, you’ll always have it and have nothing to remember.

If a phone offers you a choice between iris scanner authentication and fingerprint recognition, iris scanning is probably the best option, although fingerprint recognition is also a highly effective biometric method of protecting your phone and authenticating its user.

Other Authentication Options

Although the Fingerprint and Iris scanners are probably the best ways to secure your phone, there are other highly effective methods, as well, such as:

  • A Bluetooth device that links wirelessly to your phone and locks it whenever you’re a sufficient distance away from the phone
  • Voice or face identification – these methods of authentication are easy to use but are much more easily duplicated.
  • A PIN is a simple, basic method of securing your mobile phone, but may be more easily hacked than other methods due to most PINs being limited to 4 digits.
  • Finally, there is the old reliable password. Passwords are still very effective ways of securing mobile phones, as long as you don’t make the password too easy to crack. Your password doesn’t need to be an incomprehensible collection of symbols and numbers. It can be a long phrase that would be easy to remember but difficult for a machine to hit through brute force, or it can be a shorter sequence of letters, numbers and symbols that is easy to remember, as long as it is not something that would be obvious to hackers, such as your birthday, the word “password” or your son’s name.

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