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How to Unlock Your Cell Phone

By May 24, 2017No Comments

It’s important to know how to unlock a Google locked phone on Android or how to unlock an iPhone account if you’re working with an iOS device. If you’re getting rid of the phone, knowing how to unlock an iPhone or Google locked phone is especially important, because although used phone buyers like The Whiz Cells will buy your Google locked phone, you don’t want your Google Account or iCloud Account to be locked to a phone that is no longer yours.

How to Unlock an iPhone

If you need to know how to unlock an iPhone from an iCloud account, just log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID, choose “Find my iPhone,” pick the iPhone from the menu and choose “Erase.” Confirm, then hit “Next” until the “Erase Started” box pops up. Then, choose “Remove from Account.”

If you get the message that your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons, there’s a simple solution. Simply get on the nearest Mac, get online and go to Once there, fill in the form with your name and email address. Click “Next.” Unless you have two-step verification, you can then enter your new password and click reset. This should enable you to access your account.

How to Unlock Google Accounts on Android

You’ll need to unlock your Google account before shipping off your phone, because you will not be able to do it remotely. Fortunately, the procedure is quite simple. Just go to “Settings,” tap “Accounts & Sync,” tap “Your Account” and hit the “Remove Account” button.

How to Unlock Samsung Accounts

Your Samsung phone will be locked to your Samsung account. You can unlock this by going to and logging in with your Samsung Account ID and password. Then just click “Wipe my Device” and “Erase Device.” When that’s done, click “Remove from Account.” Your phone is wiped and unlocked and ready to go to the next user.

Once your phone is unlocked, if you’re getting rid of your old phone, the next step is to send it to The Whiz Cells to get a nice chunk of cash in exchange. To do this, all you have to do is go to, find the device you’re selling and fill out a form answering a few questions about the one you want to sell.

You’ll get a price quote, and if it’s agreeable, we’ll send you a shipping label and packing materials. Pop the device in, send it back, and you should have your cash in about 72 hours from the time we receive and verify your device. For “Stupid Fast Payment,” use your own shipping materials and get paid within 24 hours of receipt and verification of your product.