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Why Should I Sell My Moto Z-Droid and Other Motorola Phone?

Have a used Motorola phone collecting dust in your home? Don’t throw out your old, used or broken Motorola phone – sell it for cash! At The Whiz Cells, you’ll get the most money when you sell your Moto Z-Droid, Razr 5g, Motorola Edge, Moto Z2 Force Droid and others to us. Why choose us? We make the selling process easy and profitable for you. On average, we offer up to 10% more than our competitors. We’ll also buy phones that are cracked, broken or are not paid off. Pretty cool, huh?

Cash for Motorola Phones

All it takes to get a quote on how much you can sell your Motorola device to The Whiz Cells for is to answer a few quick questions, including who your carrier is (or if your phone is unlocked), what condition your device is in and if it is paid for or not. You’ll get a quote almost immediately. Begin by registering for your free The Whiz Cells account. Then, opt to receive your prepaid shipping label via email or opt to receive a box and a prepaid label sent to you via snail mail (this option takes a bit longer). When we receive your phone, we’ll process your payment fast – stupid fast, in fact! You can expect to see money for your Moto Z Droid or other Motorola phone within your Venmo or PayPal account within one business day. Prefer a paper check? This will take from two to five business days.

Reduce Waste and Get Paid

The Whiz Cells is a top-rated seller on, so you can trust that you’ll get a great price for your used, broken or busted up Motorola phones. We’re on a mission to reduce the amount of e-waste added to landfills each year. Did you know that between 100 and 120 million phones and other devices end up in landfills each year? E-waste is the fastest growing type of garbage added to landfills; The Whiz Cells is doing something about it by recycling old phones for parts or for reuse.

Questions? Contact Us

Have questions about how to sell your Motorola phone? Check out our FAQ page or contact us via email. We’re here to help.