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100% functional. Battery capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware. Flawless, without any scratches, dents, dings, or wear. It could pass as a brand new phone.Less than 10% of devices fall into this category.
100% Functional. Battery Capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware, Few Light Scratches, can not be felt by the fingernail.
Cracked Glass
100% functional. Battery capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware. Cracked glass ONLY (Front or Back). Touch screen works and everything other than the glass in good condition.
Any feature of the phone not working or physically broken. The phone must power on.NO WATER DAMAGE.
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Sell Your Motorola Razr for Fast Cash

Want to offset the cost of your latest device upgrade? Do you still have your Motorola Razr? Instead of tossing your used smartphone in the trash or a drawer, sell it for fast cash with The Whiz Cells. We purchase used smartphones and resell them to users looking for an affordable upgrade from older devices.

Sell Your Motorola Razr for Top Dollar

We want you to get the most value for your used smartphone, and we’re known for paying top dollar. Compared to our biggest competitors, we usually offer around 10% more per phone, and that can really add up. We also cover the cost of shipping and can provide packaging to remove any cost barriers to selling. This means more money straight into your pocket. Depending on the condition of your Razr, you could end up with a few hundred dollars.

A Quick and Easy Selling Process

The Whiz Cells is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to sell your used Motorola Razr online. Our selling process is super easy, and it only requires a few minutes of your time and a stop at the nearest post office. Answer a few quick questions about your Razr’s carrier, storage, condition and payoff status, and we’ll give you an instant cash quote. Go through checkout, where you select shipping and payment preferences, drop your phone off at the post office and you’re good to go. When we receive your Razr, we’ll perform a quick inspection to make sure it matches your description, and we’ll process your payment right away.

Get Instant Cash With Our Stupid Fast Payment Option

When we say “fast cash,” we’re not kidding. If you choose our Stupid Fast Payment (SFP) option, you’ll be paid within one business day of us receiving your Motorola Razr. For the SFP, you’ll need to provide your own packaging (usually less than a dollar) and use PayPal or Venmo as your payment method. If you request packaging from us, you’ll still get paid within 72 hours.

Contribute to a Greener Planet When You Sell Your Razr

Why sell your Motorola Razr? Aside from putting some extra cash in your pocket, you also get to help us cut down on e-waste. Millions of users throw their phones in the trash every year, and these devices end up in landfills, where they can cause harm to the soil. The Whiz Cells works hard to minimize e-waste by recycling, refurbishing and reselling old mobile devices like your Razr.

Sell Multiple Motorola Devices

Have more than one Motorola device? You can sell it with your Razr for even more instant cash. The Whiz Cells accepts many devices from different brands, and we don’t place a limit on how many you can sell. As long as we’re accepting your models, you can sell them with us for a decent chunk of change. If your devices aren’t in perfect condition, don’t worry! We accept broken phones and tablets.

Start Today With a Free Account

So, what are you waiting for? You can sell your Motorola Razr with The Whiz Cells today. Take the first step and register for a free account.


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