Sell Your Apple Devices

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Sell Your Apple Devices

Did you just get a new phone or tablet? Are you looking to sell your old iPhone or iPad? You could go through the tedious and risky process of selling social media marketplaces, or you can trust The Whiz Cells. When you trade in your old Apple device with us, you receive instant cash to help offset the cost of your new device.

Sell Old Apple Devices With The Whiz Cells

With new models being released every year, people are constantly upgrading their devices. At The Whiz Cells, we help reduce e-waste and keep the old devices out of landfills by giving you cash for your used phones and tablets. We then resell your iPhone or iPad to someone looking for an older model. This means money in your pocket quickly and safely. Plus, you’re likely to get the best deal with us. We usually offer around 10% more than our biggest competitors, and we even cover the cost of shipping. Is your phone in a less than ideal condition? No need to worry. Unlike many resellers, we’ll purchase your device even if it has cracked glass.

Apple Trade-In: Multiple Devices Accepted

We accept a range of Apple devices and models. This means you can trade in both your iPhone and your iPad. And we don’t just accept the latest models, either. If you’ve been putting off upgrading because nobody will take your old device, you can turn to us. If you’ve accumulated a pile of iPhones and iPads from upgrading every year, send them our way! We have no limit on the number of devices you can sell, which means we’ll take them all as long as they’re all models we’re accepting. For businesses looking to sell, we even offer corporate cell phone recycling.

Our Process Is Fast and Convenient

When selling online yourself, you risk scams, sketchy face-to-face meetings and a lengthy process of finding the right buyer. We’ve created an easy selling process that not only keeps you safe but also saves you time. When you decide to sell with us, we’ll send you a prepaid mailing box or label. Then, all you need to do is put your device(s) in the box and drop your package off at any post office or USPS location. Once we receive your devices, we’ll inspect them and process your payment. Choose PayPal or Venmo for secure instant payment.

We Recycle, Refurbish and Sell Apple Devices

By selling your old devices to The Whiz Cells, you help contribute to a greener planet. We specialize in recycling mobile devices, which means less clutter in your home and in landfills. We give instant cash for your iPhone, so you can finally clean out that drawer in your home. And, instead of tossing your phone into a landfill and harming the planet, we refurbish or recycle the device for someone new to use.

Get Started With The Whiz Cells and Sell Your Apple Device

Are you ready for instant cash? Sell your Apple devices with The Whiz Cells today. Simply register for your free account, answer a few questions about your iPhone or iPad and complete our fast and convenient process.