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How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X

By February 12, 2018No Comments
iPhone X - Screenshots

For weeks, you’ve been creating Animojis, using Face ID and testing Portrait Lighting on your iPhone X — and then it hits you. You don’t know how to take screenshots on your iPhone X. With the exit of the home button, it’s become a new learning curve for users to grab and share screenshots. The good news, however, is that it’s easy to learn how to take an iPhone X screenshot.

How iPhone X Screenshots Differ From iPhone 8 Screenshots

If you’re coming from an iPhone 8 or an earlier iPhone model, you’re probably familiar with the following process for taking screenshots:

  • Press the sleep/wake button and home button
  • Release the sleep/wake button and home button

Of course, if you try this process with the iPhone X, you’ll find yourself stuck from the start since the iPhone X is home button free.

How to Take an iPhone X Screenshot

Ready to learn how to take a screenshot on your iPhone X? Follow these steps:

  • Press the sleep/wake button and the volume up button
  • Release the sleep/wake button and the volume up button

As a side note, you’ll find your sleep/wake button on the right side of your iPhone X, and the volume up button on its left side.

If you’re having trouble, make sure you’re holding and releasing the two buttons together. It may take a few tries, but when you take a screenshot, your phone will let you know. Your screen will flash, and you’ll hear a shutter sound, plus see a preview of your shot in the lower left corner, which you can tap to edit and share.

How to Take an iPhone X Screenshot With AssistiveTouch

Frustrated with mashing buttons together? It’s okay. Apple offers an alternative with AssistiveTouch, which is their tool for complex touch-based actions.

To equip your AssistiveTouch and iPhone X with a screenshot button, take the following steps:

  • Enter Settings, followed by “General,” “Accessibility” and “AssistiveTouch”
  • Toggle AssistiveTouch to “On”
  • Select “Customize Top Level Menu…”
  • Tap “+” icon to add a new action
  • Choose “Screenshot”

Next, open your AssistiveTouch — the default setting is a single tap, though you can also choose double-tap, 3D touch or long press. When your AssistiveTouch menu pops up, select “Screenshot” and voila! That’s how you take an iPhone X screenshot with AssistiveTouch.

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