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The Whiz Cells & BankMyCell’s Partnership: A New Era in Cell Phone Buyback & Trade-In Services

By November 30, 2023No Comments
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The Whiz Cells & BankMyCell Come Together to Enhance Offer-Hunting Experience for Customers

The Whiz Cells is thrilled to officially announce that we are joining forces with the price comparison platform BankMyCell. This partnership is set to streamline the customer experience in finding the best value for their devices.

We Need Cell Phone Buyback Programs Now More Than Ever

Since launching in 2010, our dedicated team at The Whiz Cells has consistently provided transparent and equitable pricing for used cell phones and electronic devices. We’re steadfastly committed to focusing on making the process of selling old devices convenient for our customers. We offer secure avenues for individuals to earn cash for their phones with ease and confidence. 

The Whiz Cells accepts used phones, including:

Companies like Apple and Android are churning out new devices faster than ever. With every new release, customers will want to purchase new devices. The Whiz Cells is here to contribute to maximizing the life of their electronic devices through upcycling and reducing electronic waste from our landfills. Moreover, we ensure our customers get back good money value for their old technology. Even your broken phones have value with The Whiz Cells.

Easily Trade In Your Old Phone With Us

Not only do we offer money for your old devices, but The Whiz Cells also makes the online selling process easy and convenient. Enter your device details on our site and get an offer in less than a minute. If you’re happy with our offer, we can send you a prepaid mailing package or shipping label so you can ship your device for free. You can drop off your package at a post office near you. You can get paid as fast as one day after your device reaches us. 

Pain-Free Device Value Assessment

With The Whiz Cells, customers can receive an instant quote for their device value. Device value is often difficult to determine alone, and researching the current selling prices depends on multiple factors. You have to consider how old the device is, its wear and tear, what cell phone buyers are currently looking for, and how much they’re willing to shell out. Our platform can provide you with an offer in under a few minutes. 

We buy used phones, broken phones, and old phones in the following conditions: 

Excellent – These devices are 100% functional. They have no signs of damage and no modified software or hardware. They have at least 85% battery health.

Good – These cell phones show minimal signs of wear, they may have a few light scratches that can not be felt by the fingernail. Contain all the original parts, software, and hardware. The device must be fully functional.

Cracked Glass – 100% functional with a battery health of at least 85%. The device will have cracked glass only (front or back). The touch screen must work and all other aspects should be fully functional.

Broken – Phone must power on but will have another feature that is broken. Water damaged phones are not accepted.

Trustworthy and Established Buyback Program

Trusting shopping malls to provide the best phone trade just isn’t realistic. Most stores won’t pay according to true device values. 

With over ten years in the business, we present ourselves as a reliable resource and a secure avenue for people to find the best deal for their old phones. We pride ourselves on making the cell phone trade safer and more efficient. When customers don’t know what to do with their broken phone or other electronics, they can trust The Whiz Cells to help. We guarantee you a safe selling process.


A Partnership To Build a Trusted Cell Phone Buyback Experience

Through this collaboration with BankMyCell, users of The Whiz Cells can now seamlessly compare the buyback value of their phones against standard industry prices. Given that every company on the comparison site, BankMyCell, undergoes a stringent approval process, customers can rest assured that they are accessing offers exclusively from legitimate buyback companies.

As the foremost price comparison site experiencing swift expansion in the United States and catering to approximately 300,000 individuals monthly, we are optimistic that by incorporating the services provided by our partner, we will effectively offer our customers the most competitive rates when they opt to sell their devices.

Device Value Comparisons

The Whiz Cells customers can now utilize our partner platform, BankMyCell, to search for offers on their devices by comparing different prices and services from several legitimate buyers. This partnership allows customers to trade in cell phones safely and securely while empowering our customers in their selling decisions.


The Future of Our Cell Phone Buyback Program

Some cell phone buyback programs see their customers as price tags. This usually ends with customers having to make a quick deal without knowing the actual value of their phone. The partnership between The Whiz Cells and BankMyCell offers that same quick turnaround while also caring about each of our customers. With so many buyback programs out there, we want to be the one you can trust.

Our partnership aims to improve the transparency of device values for customers who want to trade in their devices. While this effort starts today, we strive to continue improving our service for future generations and making our customers feel valued.

Thank You to Our Supporters

The Whiz Cells would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our devoted customers for their steadfast support. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are. We are using this partnership as an opportunity to give back by improving our cell phone buyback services.

Use BankMyCell and The Whiz Cell to trade in your phone today. You no longer have to worry about long screening processes, scams, or being underpaid for your device. You can trade in phones for cash now and have money in your bank account by the end of the week. Trust is earned. Our hard work within this partnership is a testament to how much we respect and care about our customer base.

We invite everyone to explore the upgraded features brought forth by this partnership, and we anticipate delivering even more superior service to you.