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Trade in an LG Cell Phone for Cash

The only bad thing about upgrading to a state-of-the-art LG mobile phone is figuring out what to do with your old one. The best solution is to trade in an LG phone for cash at TheWhizCells.com – and get top dollar in return!

If you have an old LG phone – maybe a G7, a Flex, an X Venture or a V30 – but you want an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. At The Whiz Cells, you can sell your old phones to individuals who want them. We’ll pay you for your old LG phone, which will help you defray some of the costs you’ll incur when you buy a new phone — it’s a win-win.

Get Paid Quickly and Competitively

When you sell your LG phone to The Whiz Cells, the process is easy! Simply register for your free account, locate your old phone and answer a few brief questions. We’ll make an offer right away, and we’ll even email you a shipping label. You can have us send the packaging for shipping your phone at no cost, or use your own packaging for a dollar or less.

Many of our customers prefer to use their own packaging, which we call Stupid Fast Payment. This means they will receive payment within one business day of our receiving the device, and often on the same day!

Choose the Payment Method That Works Best for You

The Whiz Cells gives you the flexibility to choose the payment method that you’re most comfortable with. If you prefer the speed and convenience of online payment, then you’ll want to take advantage of our Paypal option. Of course, you can always trade in an LG phone for cash and have us mail you a personal check. (Note: it may take 7-10 days to receive your check.)

How Safe Is It to Trade in an LG Phone for Cash at TheWhizCells.com?

The first thing we do upon receiving any electronic device is to perform a data wipe to remove all personal information. Whether we resell your own phone at a reduced price to someone who is looking to upgrade from outdated technology or send it to a refurbishing center, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that none of your sensitive data will ever fall into the wrong hands.

Trade in Your LG Phone for Cash Today!

Get fast money for your old phone the safe and easy way. Trade in your LG phone for cash at TheWhizCells.com today!