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How to Save Money on Your Next Cell Phone Upgrade

By April 26, 2017No Comments

Smartphones are amazing pieces of technology, but these technological marvels become dated quickly. One of the realities of cell phone ownership is the need for frequent upgrades to keep up. Most people like to upgrade their phones at least every year or two.

But cell phones are expensive, so it’s more important than ever to know how to save money on a cell phone upgrade. Here are some tips to save money on your next smartphone upgrade.

How to Save Money on a New Cell Phone Upgrade

The best way to save money on a cell phone upgrade is by making sure you get value out of your old phone. Too many people, when upgrading to a new cell phone, just throw their old phone away or recycle it. The reality is, you can trade in that old cell phone for credit towards your new upgrade or for cash, significantly cutting into the cost of your new phone.

How long can you wait to sell your old phone? You should probably look into selling or trading in your old phone as soon as you get your new one, if not before. You can certainly get value for older phones, but the newer your phone is, the more money you’re likely to get for it.

Cash vs. Trade In

So, should you trade in your old phone for credit towards a new one or for cash? In most cases, cash is probably your best bet. Cash gives you more flexibility as far as buying your new phone, and store credit is only as good as the store you get it from. That credit may expire, the store may not carry the exact product you want or the store could even go out of business before you use your credit, making it worthless. Plus, it may be hard to know if the store is giving you the value you deserve on your trade-in.

Cash is simpler. You know exactly what you’re getting and you can spend it anywhere at any time. Unless you know exactly what you want and you’re convinced you’re getting the value you deserve on your trade-in for just that item, you’re usually better off going with cash.

Changing Your Plan

If you’re looking to save money when upgrading your cell phone, you may also want to look into how you can save money on your cell phone bills. Upgrade time is the perfect opportunity to look at your carrier and see who’s offering the best deals, both on service and on new phones. Unless you’re under a contract, you don’t owe your old carrier anything, so if you can get a good deal and the service is roughly the same, grab it. With Apple and Google accounts on smartphones today, it’s easier than ever to preserve and transfer your data independent of your preferred wireless carrier.

Where to Sell Your Old Phone

If you need a place to sell that old phone so you can buy your new one, The Whiz Cells can get you cash for your old phone fast. Just fill out a form on our website, send in your device once you get our shipping and packing materials and you will usually get your cash within 72 hours of us receiving and verifying your device.