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Sell Your Samsung

Trade in a Samsung Phone for Cash!

Don’t stash that old or broken Samsung phone in the back of a drawer or shelf. Instead, trade in a Samsung phone for cash at! We buy old phones and resell them at reduced prices to people looking to upgrade from outdated technologies. What’s more, we’ll also give you the best possible price for your device – guaranteed!

Stupid Fast Payment: The Intelligent Way to Trade in a Samsung Phone for Cash

Understandably, most of our customers want their money as quickly as possible. When you select our Stupid Fast Payment option, you can receive cash for your phone in the blink of an eye. Just locate your old device, answer a few questions and receive an immediate quote along with a free shipping label via email. Then, send your phone to us in your own packaging (which you can usually buy for a dollar or less) and choose Paypal or Venmo as the payment method. We give SFP transactions top priority, so you can expect payment within one business day of when we receive your phone, and in many cases, the very same day!

Do I Have to Pay for Shipping When I Sell My Samsung Phone Online at

Absolutely not! Whether you choose SFP or prefer to have us send packaging to you (payment is typically sent within 72 hours when selecting the latter option) we take care of all shipping costs for you. Our packaging is also available at no cost.

How Secure Is It to Sell My Samsung Phone Online?

You can trade in a Samsung phone online at with total peace of mind. We’ll perform a complete data wipe as soon as we receive your phone to remove all sensitive/personal information. And if you’re uncomfortable with using Paypal as the payment method, we’ll be happy to mail you a personal check or send your payment via Venmo instead.

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At The Whiz Cells, we make it fast and easy to trade in a Samsung phone for cash. Get started by signing up for your free online account today!