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The Most Commonly Replaced Parts on an iPhone

By June 30, 2020July 8th, 2020No Comments
iPhone Parts - Feature

The latest iPhone devices come with all the bells and whistles you might expect from the most advanced smartphones. Yet, for all their benefits, iPhones also need repairs from time to time. Maybe you dropped your device and cracked the screen, or perhaps age has started to take its toll after several years of use. Regardless of the issue, it’s probably time to replace a few worn-out parts.

While you might be inclined to go out and buy a completely new phone when your old one starts to fail, some of the most common faults with iPhones are repairable. You can find iPhone replacement parts at both Apple Store facilities and independent repair shops.

The Most Common iPhone Hardware Problems

iOS device parts go bad from time to time. Some of the most commonly replaced iPhone parts include the:

  • Battery: The most recent iPhone 11 models are designed to provide greater battery capacity and help people make full use of their devices for longer. At the same time, batteries do wear out and die eventually, which is why many users choose to have their phone batteries replaced. You can have the battery replaced by a professional, but if you’re feeling confident, you can also use the right tools to do it yourself.
  • Screen: If you’ve ever found a creative way to break the screen on your phone, you’re in good company. A cracked or shattered screen is one of the most common iPhone issues, and it can happen to anyone at any time. Some phone displays will still work long after breaking, while others may require immediate attention.
  • Camera: While the iPhone camera may not be an essential feature for everyone, it’s a useful and convenient one that many people use frequently. In some cases, issues with the camera could indicate internal hardware problems. Such issues are your cue to visit a repair shop or the local Apple Store if you need your phone’s camera to record video and capture high-quality photos.
  • Charge port: The charge port is one of the most important components of your mobile device. If an iPhone is having a hard time holding a charge or the port is loose, it could mean you’re due for a replacement or repair. It’s best to take care of this issue as quickly as possible so that you can continue to charge and use the phone.

Who Repairs iPhones?

If you’re having iPhone issues and would rather have your phone repaired than replaced, the next logical course of action is to visit a local repair shop or an Apple Store.

A challenge that many repair shops face is that Apple is selective about the types of parts it allows in iPhones. Although some independent repair shops are able to get their hands on new displays and batteries, certain replacement parts are available only if you go to an Apple Store. This lack of access can make it more challenging for regular repair facilities to provide the support users are looking for. If you need a common iPhone repair, you’ll have to check with the nearest repair shop to find out if they can help.

Repairing or replacing broken parts on an iPhone can be worth it if it helps you get a few more years out of your device, which is why refurbishing or buying refurbished is so economical. Instead of having to purchase a completely new phone (the latest models cost almost $1,000 each!), you can replace or upgrade the broken parts on a current device at a lower cost.

Repair professionals refurbish phones by taking them apart and finding out which components need to be fixed or replaced. Refurbishing an iPhone might involve replacing the battery, cabling, display, buttons or another critical component. Once the process is finished, chances are, the phone will look as good as new and perform as well or almost as well as it did right out of the box.

Where Can You Sell Old iPhones?

If your current phone has seen better days and you’re looking to make some quick cash off of it, you can sell it for a high value at The Whiz Cells. We accept all types of iOS devices in every condition, and we make it our mission to refurbish and resell them to users who are looking for affordable smartphones.

We deal with the most commonly replaced iPhone parts as well as some of the less common ones to refurbish the iPhones we buy. No matter what devices you have at home, you can send them to us and receive payment within one day of delivery. This option will give you the opportunity to reduce waste and help someone else make the most of your old phone. It’ll also put some extra cash in your pocket, helping you pay for a new iOS device.

To learn more about the most common iPhone hardware problems or ask questions about our process, contact us today.