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Sell Your Apple iPhone or iPad

Trade In Your iPhone for Cash

Have you just upgraded to the latest iPhone? Are you wondering what to do with your old phone? The smart move is to trade in your old iPhone for cash at, and defray some of the expense of your new phone. Depending on the model and condition, you could receive a handsome chunk of change for that outdated or damaged device!

Why Should I Sell My Apple iPhone Online to The Whiz Cells?

The Whiz Cells pays top dollar for old iPhones. Because we specialize in refurbishing and recycling old phones, you’ll also be doing your part in helping to promote a greener environment.

We Make It Easy

To sell your iPhone to us, just grab your old phone, answer a few questions and receive an offer. We’ll even email you an address label and send you packaging to mail your device to us. After making sure the phone matches the description you’ve provided, we’ll send your payment via Paypal, Venmo, or personal check within 72 hours of receiving your phone. It’s that easy!

Is There an Even Faster Way to Sell My iPhone Online?

Absolutely! Our Stupid Fast Payment option allows you to use your own packaging to mail your device instead of waiting for ours to arrive. When you choose Paypal or Venmo as the payment method, SFP can send your cash within one business day of our receiving your device, and often the very same day!

What About Shipping Costs?

Another great reason to trade in an iPhone for cash at is that we pay for all shipping costs. Our packaging is free, but if you prefer to take advantage of SFP, you can usually purchase your own packaging for less than a dollar.

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