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Blue Light Filters for Smartphones

By June 19, 2020July 8th, 2020No Comments
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Studies show that the average person spends about three hours on their mobile device every day. While that’s a number you might be surprised to hear, it adds up more quickly than you probably realize.

Too much screen time has its negative effects, including eye strain and sleep issues that can occur due to blue light exposure. A less well-known fact is that you can buy or install blue light filters for iPhones, Androids, and other devices to help protect your eyes from harmful light and reduce uncomfortable strain throughout the day.

What Are Blue Light Filters?

If you’re looking for ways to protect your eyes from blue light, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to do it without giving up your daily dose of screen time. All you need is a blue light filter for your Samsung or iOS device.

Blue light filters will reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your phone, thereby decreasing strain on your eyes and blocking the melatonin-suppressant effect that can disturb your sleep schedule. Filter apps can do the same by changing the light of your screen so that instead of displaying blue colors, it displays in reds and yellows. Other filters physically cover your phone’s screen and use special protective coatings to block blue light.

Do Blue Light Filters Help?

If you’ve ever stared at a screen for too long and ended up with a headache or heavy eyes, you probably know how much of an effect blue light can have on your concentration and comfort. Studies have shown that it can also make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Blue light filter apps and screen protectors are healthy for your eyes, reducing strain and helping you sleep more soundly at night.

Although the best way to protect your eyes from blue light exposure is to limit phone screen time, conveniences like social media, mobile shopping and mobile banking have made our devices the solution to almost everything. Blue light filters provide the protection you need to go about your day as usual.

Blue Light Filter Apps vs. Screen Protectors

There are two types of filters you can use to minimize blue light exposure. The first includes the use of a blue light filter app, while the second requires you to buy a screen protector for your device. As a result, the question stands: Which one is more effective?

Both options have their merits. Today, most mobile devices come with some kind of built-in blue light filter app. For example, iOS devices have a Night Shift option that you can activate or schedule to turn on in the evenings. There are also blue light filters for Samsung phones, other mobile devices and PCs.

These apps are easy to use, and they can help limit your daily exposure to blue light. The downside is that they aren’t 100% effective, and they tend to distort the color of a screen to orange or red, which can cause distraction and lead to more strain.

While you’d be hard-pressed to find a screen protector that offers 100% protection, physical filters tend to do the job more thoroughly than apps. Because they’re designed with special coatings and UV filters, they also do it without distorting screen color as much. The only reason you might be tempted to skip this option is that it costs money, while built-in apps like Night Shift and Night Mode are free. For convenience, it’s also easier to toggle an app on and off versus applying and removing a screen protector.

How to Use a Blue Light Filter on Your Phone

Whether you decide to use an app or a screen protector to filter out the blue light on your device, the solution will prove simple. Because most blue light filter apps are already included in the phone, all you’ll have to do is go into the settings on your iOS or Android device.

On the iPhone, you can find the Night Shift feature in the “Display and Brightness” settings. It’s easy to switch on the feature with a single swipe or set it to come on in the evening. If you have a Samsung device, you can go into the “Display” setting and activate the blue light filter switch. You can also set the feature to activate automatically from sunset to sunrise.

If your device doesn’t have a filter app or you’d like to eliminate blue light without having to stare at a red or orange screen, you’ll find plenty of screen protector options online. These sleek, thin protectors will easily fit on your screen and work to create a more pleasant, comfortable user experience. While price often depends on seller and product quality, many cost-effective options can block out a large percentage of blue light. Once you get your screen protector, just apply it to your screen, and you’ll be good to go.

Learn More From The Whiz Cells

Using either a blue light filter app or a screen protector will help you stay safer and more comfortable throughout the day. To learn more about related topics or make an inquiry about the value of your phone, contact The Whiz Cells today.