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Siri Hidden Features: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Ask Siri

By July 6, 2018No Comments
Siri Activity - Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone, you’ve undoubtedly spent a good bit of time goofing off with your personal assistant. If you haven’t, we think you’re probably lying.

Siri has tons of different commands it will recognize, ranging from really helpful to just silly. Here are some unusual Siri features that might make your life a little bit easier:

  1. Use “Hey Siri.” This is how you can talk to Siri hands-free. Just say “Hey Siri,” wait for the little beep, and then ask your question or give your command.
  2. Set reminders when you get to a location. You can tell Siri where your home and work are. Once she has this information, you can set reminders for when you get to these locations. If you want to make sure you don’t forget to mail something important at work the next day, command Siri “Remind me to mail such-and-such when I get to work.” When you get to work, the reminder will pop up.
  3. Convert measurements. Have you ever been in the middle of trying a new recipe, and it calls for an ingredient in ounces, but you don’t have a kitchen scale? Ask Siri to convert that to a different measurement.
  4. Ask for updates on your favorite sports team. You can ask who is playing a certain position, what the scores were for a previous game or if they won.
  5. Turn off or set alarms. If you already got in bed but forgot to set an alarm, you could prompt Siri with “Hey Siri” and set your alarm so you don’t even have to get up.
  6. Check movie showtimes. If you’re out and feel like seeing a movie, you can ask what’s playing at a specific theater or what times a particular movie is playing.
  7. Get the latest news. If you want a quick update about current events, ask Siri for the news. You can also switch which news source she will use. Just say “Switch to CNN” or “Switch to Fox News.”

Using any of these commands could save you some time during the day. With that extra time, you should try out some queries that will definitely get a laugh out of you. Rounding out numbers 8, 9 and 10, here are some of our favorite funny and interesting questions to ask Siri:

8. “Give me a pickup line” or “Tell me a joke”
9. “How do I look?” or “What is ‘Inception’ about?”
10. “What should I be for Halloween?” or “I see a little silhouetto of a man”

Try Our Unusual Siri Commands Today

Siri is your virtual assistant. She’s there to help make your life a little easier. Hopefully, you’ll try out some of these commands that you might not have heard of before. Or, just ask Siri a silly question and wait for the response. If you’re looking to try the latest version of Siri on the newest iPhone, consider selling your old one to us for cash!