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Why Do I Need to Update My Operating System?

By May 27, 2020No Comments

It’s easy to ignore or forget about operating system updates when you’re busy or in the middle of sending a message. We know that it can be frustrating when you have to download a patch, restart your phone and wait for it to install. That’s why updates often fall by the wayside. Before you know it, you’re multiple software versions behind.  

While putting off time-consuming updates is completely understandable, these new features and patches serve a greater purpose than you might think.

Why Update My OS on a Regular Basis?

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, there’s a good reason why you need to update your operating system regularly. Maybe you feel indifferent to the new interface features of the latest update. After all, why change something that already works?

The truth is that keeping your OS current does more than provide minor aesthetic and superficial updates. While some updates do provide new features like this, many phone patches are designed to fix bugs or other performance issues that can slow down your device. Meanwhile, others may come with security upgrades to protect your phone from the latest privacy risks.

Here’s What Happens When You Put Off Phone Updates

Security is a compelling reason by itself, but if you’re still wondering why you should update your phone, consider what can happen if you choose to ignore important patches. Over a short period of time, the consequences may seem insignificant. Over the long-term, update neglect can have a serious impact on your user experience.

For example, you may start having compatibility issues with certain apps or programs that have stopped supporting older versions of the software. Other adverse effects could include the persistence of glitches or performance issues that the latest patch might otherwise fix.

You might also be more vulnerable to viruses and cyberattacks. These can compromise your privacy, leading to identity theft, stolen assets or other major hassles. Updating your OS protects it from the most recent security threats so you can continue to feel safe.

How to Update Your Phone OS Today

If you’re unsure how to check for updates on a mobile phone, you can find this information by going into your Android or iOS device settings. Updating your iPhone is simple: Go into your settings, select “General,” and then select “Software Update.” With an Android, the process may vary from model to model, but you will select “Settings,” then look for a “System Update” option to find the most recent updates.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and you’ll be able to check for any current patches that may be available.

Software patches protect your privacy and extend the longevity of your device. That’s why it’s so important to update your operating system and embrace the changes as they come. While it may seem like a hassle today, it can save you time and money in the long-run. To learn more about mobile devices or sell your old phone, contact The Whiz Cells today.