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How to Make Sure Your Information Is Secure on Your Mobile Device

By May 15, 2020No Comments

People share more information on their mobile devices than ever before. While this is a testament to just how far technology has come, it also presents security concerns. How does one keep personal information on their mobile phone private? Identity or password theft can happen to anyone, which is why we believe everyone needs to know how to secure mobile information. 

Use Your Phone’s Lock Feature

Your smartphone may have lock features to prevent others from accessing the device if it gets lost or stolen. Many phones unlock with a passcode, while some devices today use fingerprint and even face recognition.

By keeping your phone locked when it’s not in use, you can keep its information safe and reduce the likelihood of a major breach in your privacy.

Be Wary of Third-Party Downloads

Your phone privacy is usually safe with app stores like iTunes, Amazon or other well-known providers. That said, there are also plenty of third-party providers out there who may not be as trustworthy.

Just as you’d be wary of sending personal data to a stranger over the phone, it pays to be selective about where you choose to download content. This discretion could save you from a serious security issue.

Install a Security or Anti-Virus App

You’re much less likely to get a virus on your phone than on your computer in most cases. Nevertheless, thanks to concerns about mobile security, there are plenty of smartphone security apps on the market to choose from.

Firewall software, anti-virus and privacy protection apps can help keep you safe on Internet sites, secure your passwords and more. Many of these apps are also low-cost or even free, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of added security at little extra cost.

Use Good Judgement on Public Networks

Public networks used in stores, restaurants and other venues offer a convenient way for you to access the Internet from almost anywhere. These come with their fair share of issues, though.

Unlike your home Internet service, most public WiFi isn’t secure, meaning that any information you enter through it could be seen by others. We recommend waiting until you’re in a safer place before entering sensitive data through a mobile site or app.

Keep Your Phone Up to Date

We understand that you may be tempted to skip phone updates when they arise. In some cases, it can seem like more of a time-consuming hassle than a benefit.

However, many smartphone updates are beneficial because they come with security features and adjustments that can better protect your privacy. Letting these updates slide could leave you vulnerable to attacks and other security issues.

Reach Out to the Experts

If you’re unsure how to keep your information secure on a phone, these tips can help you get started. At The Whiz Cells, we work with used mobile devices every day, so we’re passionate about protecting smartphone privacy. Contact us today for more information.