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HTC Phone Trade-In

Are you looking to upgrade to the latest HTC phone? As more phones are released each year and prices go up, it can be hard to afford that upgrade, and the best way to offset the price of your new phone is by selling your old one, even if it’s outdated. At The Whiz Cells, we make it super easy to sell your used HTC phone and will offer top dollar for it, so you can get that brand new phone you’ve had your eye on.

Where Can I Sell My HTC Phone?

Even used cell phones can be worth hundreds of dollars, so you want to be careful about how you sell them and who you sell them to. While plenty of online marketplaces exist, they tend to be full of scammers, and face-to-face meetups can be dangerous. That’s why choosing a reputable online buyer is the best route to go. We can go on and on about how trustworthy The Whiz Cells is, but don’t just take our word for it. We have a 4+ star rating on from customers like you. When you sell with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a great deal. Plus, we make sure all personal data is wiped from your phone, and we even buy broken phones.

How Do I Sell My HTC Phone?

Our selling process is super simple to save you time and give you the best value. To start, all you need to do is grab your phone and answer a few questions about the condition, carrier and storage capacity. Then, you can choose to have us send you a prepaid mailing package or you can use your own box with one of our prepaid shipping labels. Drop off the package with your phone in it at the post office and relax while we take care of the rest. As soon as we get your phone, we’ll do a quick inspection and process your payment.

When Can I Expect My Payment?

All of our payment options are fast, but our Stupid Fast Payment (SFP) option is the quickest. Simply use your own box to send in your phone and choose either PayPal or Venmo as your payment method. You’ll receive your payment within one business day, and we often even get it processed the same day. If you request packaging from us, it can take up to 72 hours for your payment to process. If you aren’t comfortable with PayPal or Venmo, we can mail you a check.

Why Should I Sell My HTC Phone?

Selling your old HTC phone is something you can feel good about in more ways than one. Not only do you get instant cash, but you also help contribute to a greener planet. When you trust us to refurbish or recycle your phone, you keep it in the hands of consumers and out of a landfill, where it can leak dangerous chemicals into the soil. It’s a great way to help the environment.

Getting Started With The Whiz Cells

Don’t put off selling your old phone. Get started today by registering for a free account at and you’ll be on your way to getting top dollar for your old HTC phone.