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Trade in an HTC Phone for Cash!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could defray the cost of a brand-new HTC phone by selling/trading in your old one? At, we give you the opportunity to do just that! We’ll give you an immediate cash offer for your old phone, and you can receive payment within one business day! We guarantee to match or beat any price offered by a reputable company, ensuring you get top dollar for your outdated or unused phone. We can even purchase broken phones!

How Do I Sell My HTC Phone Online?

Simply locate your old phone, answer a few brief questions about it and receive your offer. Then send us your phone (you can use your own packaging or ours – we’ll pay the shipping costs either way) and we’ll send your money via Paypal or personal check. If you choose our Stupid Fast Payment option and select Paypal as the payment method, you can have your cash within one business day after we receive your phone.

Is There Any Risk Involved When I Sell My HTC Phone Online?

There’s no risk involved when you trade in an HTC phone for cash at! We’re a reputable online electronics buyer with a long list of satisfied customers. We’ll perform a complete data wipe as soon as we receive your phone to remove all personal information. We make it our mission to provide phones to people who are looking to upgrade from older technologies at reduced prices. By reselling/recycling old electronic devices, we also minimize the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills.

Does It Cost Anything to Sell My HTC Phone Online?

The only cost you could incur when you trade in an HTC phone for cash at is if you choose the Stupid Fast Payment option. This simply involves purchasing your own packaging, which you can usually obtain for less than a dollar. You won’t be stuck with shipping costs, and you can register for an online account for free.

So what are you waiting for? Register for your no-obligation The Whiz Cells account today, and discover how easy it can be to get top dollar for your old electronic devices!

Do you have old mobile phones or tablets taking up space in your home? Older devices are becoming obsolete faster than ever before thanks to constant advancements in modern technology. That means, by now, you’re probably ready to toss your current phone aside in favor of the next one with new features and better hardware.

However, instead of throwing your old device away or going through the hassle of selling it on an auction site when you buy the latest and greatest item, you can sell Apple phones, Android phones, and other mainstream devices to The Whiz Cells.

This page serves as your search tool to help you find out if we’re buying the type of device you own. You can easily put your mobile brand or model into the search bar to bring up all the devices we accept. Or, you can search by mobile carrier or brand using the filters.

We accept devices from all major manufacturers and carriers so that we can refurbish them and resell them for more affordable prices.

Browse the Devices and Brands We Buy

If you own a phone that operates through a specific carrier, we buy AT&T, US Cellular, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Xfinity, Unlocked, and Wi-Fi-Only devices. At The Whiz Cells, we also accept a wide variety of smartphones and tablet types, such as:

  • Apple Devices: As you will see on this page, you can sell Apple tablets and phones at great prices with The Whiz Cells. Let’s say you want to get rid of your old iPhone 6 following your upgrade to the latest device. We offer payment for your phone based on its condition and then take it off your hands along with any other old Apple products you may have. We also accept iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X-series devices along with multiple generations of iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini. Always be sure to check here for all of the latest Apple devices we’re purchasing.
  • Android Devices: The beauty of Android devices is that they offer so much variety in style and hardware performance. You can sell Android phones to The Whiz Cells from various well-known manufacturers, leaving you ready for newer and more powerful devices. Whether you have an Android device from Samsung, Sony, or another reputable brand, we’re happy to take your tablet or phone and turn it into something we can sell back to the public. For instance, we commonly refurbish Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia Android devices sold to us by individuals looking to upgrade.

The other hardware brands we currently accept include:

How to Sell Your Device

We know it can be challenging to decide what you should do with your old mobile device because you want to dispose of it in the safest way that offers the greatest benefit to you. If you’ve pulled your Apple tablet or Android smartphone out of its hiding place to sell it to a buyer or refurbisher, it’s even easier than you think with The Whiz Cells.

To get a cash offer for your iOS or Android phone, all you need to know is:

  • Your Type of Device
  • Your Device’s Model
  • Your Device’s Condition
  • Storage Capacity (In Gigabytes)
  • Your Service Carrier
  • Your Device’s Paid-Off Status

Once you answer these easy questions about your phone, we’ll get back to you right away with a payment offer. The amount will vary according to the model of your Android or Apple device and its condition, and you can decide whether or not you want to accept the offer. If you choose to use your own shipping to send us your device, we’ll make sure your Paypal payment reaches you within a single day after we receive the device. You can also choose to receive payment by check, which could take a few extra days to arrive by mail.

If you’re looking for a simple process of selling your Android tablet that will save you extra time and energy, sending it to The Whiz Cells is a safe and reliable solution.

Sell Your Apple or Android Phone Now

Selling your Apple phone to us will do more than help you declutter your home — it will also do an important service for the environment by reducing harmful electronic waste. Whether you want to get rid of your old iPad or you’re ready to trade in your Google Pixel for a newer model, we’ll take your electronics and give them a new purpose.

If you have an old device you no longer need sitting in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere in your home, we’re ready to hear from you. Search now to find your device or contact us if you have additional questions.