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iOS 12 News — What We Know So Far

By September 11, 2018No Comments

There’s plenty of iOS update news — and it’s all good! First of all, for those who can’t wait to try out Apple’s iOS 12, the public beta version became available for free download as of June 25th. For the rest of us who are asking ourselves, “When does iOS 12 come out in its final version?” it’s good to know it will be coming out in September.

So, in anticipation of updating our iPhones, iPads and other Apple products, we thought it would be helpful to review what we know about iOS 12 so far.

iOS 12 Features

Some of the features you should know about include:

  • Focus on reliable performance: It’s clear that Apple wants to put any iOS 11 glitches in its rearview mirror. That’s why iOS 12 is specifically designed around reliability and performance. Many iPhones will be as much as 70 percent faster at many tasks, such as launching Camera and apps.
  • Referenced Apple Watch 4: For Apple aficionados, one big new product hint is that iOS 12 is adjusting its software for an Apple Watch 4 — much like Apple Watch 3 was referenced in iOS 11. The new watch, which hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, is rumored to sport a much larger screen as well as a more powerful battery.
  • Broad compatibility: If you’re wondering whether your device will be able to run on iOS 12, here’s the scoop: For all devices with the 64-bit chipset that came out in 2013, you’re all set to run on iOS 12. Basically, it appears that Apple has gone out of its way to make compatibility a major factor in rolling out iOS 12 — its broadest and most compatible update yet. It’s ready to work on all iPhones and iPads currently running on iOS 11, meaning that iOS 12 will work on 10 types of iPads and 11 types iPhones.
  • Lifesaving 911 update: According to the FCC, just a one-minute response time improvement for first responders could potentially save as many as 10,000 lives annually. Clearly, Apple has taken this statistic seriously and added automatic location sharing when U.S. callers dial 911. If you have privacy concerns, don’t worry: This feature kicks in only when you make a 911 call. But with the increased ability to dispatch the nearest first responders sooner, its potential to save time and lives is a game-changer.
  • Going the next step in AR: With iOS 12, Apple is clearly going to be the augmented reality (AR) leader. With ARKit 2, more immersive AR experiences can be created, along with gaming features for multiplayer. And to top off the AR rumors, it’s exciting news that Adobe, Pixar, LEGO and Fender are all working with Apple on AR projects.
  • A smarter camera: Another AR benefit for DIY-ers who can’t seem to ever find their tape measures is the Measure app. Simply point your camera at an object in the real world, and the app gives you its size!

We’ve just scratched the surface of all the iOS update news. But don’t worry: With FaceTime of up to 32 people coming to your video screen, you’ll get caught up soon enough. In the meantime, if you have any questions about selecting the right iPhone, iPad or other Apple product, contact us today.

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