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12 Most Common Cell Phone Problems and Their Solutions

By August 27, 2018December 11th, 2018No Comments
12 Most Common Cell Phone Problems

Technology issues are some of the most aggravating problems we face on a regular basis. Whether it’s a server crashing, our favorite website being down or a hard drive getting wiped out, tech issues take time and money to resolve, which is plenty of cause for frustration.

Mobile phone problems can sometimes feel the most invasive and solutions aren’t always easy to come by. We rely on our cell phones more and more every day, so when we encounter difficulty with them and have to take them somewhere to get them fixed, it can be a real pain. Fortunately, many common cell phone problems are easy to resolve if you know how.

Check out our guide on how to fix the most common smartphone problems below. Keep in mind that some cell phone solutions will require professional repair assistance.

1. Your Phone is Responding Slowly

By far, the issue that plagues most smartphone users is a device that appears to slow down over time. New updates to the operating system, especially on aging phones, along with apps that run when not in use seem to be what triggers slow responses the most. As long as it isn’t your phone’s age that is causing it to lag, there are a few things you can do.

Solution: Clear the Cache and Make Some Room

Start by closing apps that you aren’t using, and alter your settings to keep unimportant apps from running in the background at all times. These eat up valuable RAM space. Feel free to delete apps and software that you don’t need and free up storage space by moving photos and other content to a cloud service.

If your problem is with slow internet speeds rather than phone speeds, try alternating between data and Wi-Fi to see which has a stronger signal, and close other apps or location services that may be taking up bandwidth. Just be careful not to go over your data limit if you opt to go with data over Wi-Fi. If you are experiencing lag as a result of a weak network, there may not be much you can do. If it’s because you are using an old phone that is incompatible with new updates, you may want to consider selling your phone for cash and upgrading.

2. Your Battery Doesn’t Seem to Hold Up

Phone Battery Problems

How can you use your phone if it doesn’t stay alive long enough? Battery problems are one of the most common phone frustrations, usually caused by user abuse. Next time you find that your phone is taking forever to charge to 100 percent or that it seems to die on you way too fast, try changing a few of the following settings and clearing apps that can drain your battery.

Solution: Maximize Your Standby Time

First, make sure the charger you are using is optimized for your battery. Then, shorten your screen timeout setting so that your phone will fall asleep sooner when not in use, and reduce your brightness when possible. If your phone has a battery saving mode, initiate it whenever you need your phone to be accessible without plugging it in for several hours. Finally, and maybe most importantly, alter your settings so that system-hogging apps and updates don’t run in the background.

3. Your Screen Is Cracked

Since our phone screens are made of glass, it’s no surprise that sometimes a heavy impact with the ground can cause them to break. Cracks may lead to problems with your touchscreen responses or let in moisture over time, so it’s important to have your phone repaired after the screen gets damaged.

Solution: Repair for Now, Prevent for Later

If your screen has already cracked, you will want to have it replaced as soon as you can. After that, the best course of action — as with most smartphone problems and solutions — is all about prevention. Invest in a reliable case and screen protector or keep your phone in a padded pouch or wallet — something that will cushion the fall should it slip from your grasp.

4. Your Device Got Wet

Accidents happen to the best of us. It’s frightening when your phone gets submerged in water, especially if the display starts flashing or looking abnormal. You may think your cell phone is history, and it’s true that water damage is perhaps one of the trickiest phone problems to deal with, but there’s always still a sliver of hope. Your best bet is to get some professional help.

Solution: Take It to the Repair Shop

Rather than panicking, turn off your device, maybe throw it in some rice if you have any on hand to help absorb some of the moisture and head to your nearest phone repair place. Don’t plug your phone in or attempt to fix it on your own. The technician will be able to determine the extent of the damage, take the device apart to dry out the pieces, and repair or replace specific parts as necessary.

5. Your Phone Is Overheating

Overheating Phone

Holding a strangely warm phone can be a weird experience, and it can be hard to know the best way to fix it without tossing the device in the freezer. Overheating can severely damage your battery and screen life — and so would the moisture and cold from the icebox, we should mention — so if you notice your phone is way too hot, here are some better ways to cool it down.

Solution: Keep It Cool and Inactive

For starters, your phone should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a dry, shaded bag or pocket that won’t transfer the sun’s heat. After removing outside heat sources, take some time to relax your busy phone by reducing brightness, closing apps, abstaining from overbearing Wi-Fi or data use, and making sure to postpone downloads or updates until you’re in more ideal circumstances, like when you plug your phone in at night.

6. You’ve Filled up Your Storage Space

People are taking pictures and videos more now than ever before, so storage space has become a real issue for a lot of smartphone users. Apps, downloads and new operating system features also contribute to the cramped space within your phone’s memory. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to clear some room.

Solution: Expand Your Storage Options Beyond Your Phone’s Memory

In the same way that homeowners still invest in storage units to hold extra belongings, you can find other devices for your data and pictures. You can embrace a variety of cloud-based options, like iCloud or Google Drive, or you can transfer your content to external hard-drives or a computer to remove miscellaneous archives from your mobile device. A third possibility would be to purchase a microSD card to give your phone itself some extra memory. You could, of course, also go through the old process of printing out your photos and deleting them from your device once you have a physical copy you’re happy with.

7. Your Screen Keeps Freezing

When your phone is frozen, and the home button doesn’t even work, the only thing you can do is force the device to shut down and restart. But what if it seems like it’s constantly happening? If your phone is freezing frequently, it can be pretty inconvenient, and it’s usually caused by low storage space, excessive app use and, occasionally, malware infection.

Solution: Clean up Your Phone

Some form of housekeeping is likely in order. Close apps that are running, clear the cache, delete programs you don’t need, move some of your stuff over to an external hard-drive or get an app that literally cleans up the trash on your phone for you. Your phone will likely begin running much more smoothly after some of that extra data and activity is wiped away. You can also take some steps to protect your phone from viruses in the future.

8. A Particular App Is Constantly Crashing

Every once in a while, your favorite app may decide to give you some unwanted trouble by freezing or crashing a lot. If it’s just one app that’s giving you issues, it may have to do with the app not being optimized for your operating system or that the latest version of the program simply has a lot of bugs. It can be hard to know what to do when this keeps happening.

Solution: Troubleshoot and Check With the App Developer

Start by quitting the problematic app, perhaps even deleting and redownloading it to clear some unnecessary data. If you want to preserve your data on the app, try restarting your phone. If it continues to crash, head over to your app store and see if other people have left reviews that communicate similar problems.

Next, look up the app developer on social media sites and see if they’ve released a statement or tips for resolving the issue. From there, of course, you can always contact the developer directly about what you’re experiencing. It may be a problem they haven’t yet heard about.

9. The Entire Phone Is Constantly Crashing

Phone Crashing Problems

If it’s more than one specific app that is having issues and your phone sometimes shuts down or restarts on its own, you may have an entirely different problem on your hands. Bugs are common with new operating system updates, but if you haven’t downloaded anything new recently, diagnosing the problem becomes a bit tricky. There may even be some hardware kinks involved. Take a few initial steps to clean up your system, then see if there are other measures that you need to consider.

Solution: Restart and Reset

Begin by simply restarting your device to clear temporary memory and active app data. If the phone is frozen, you’ll need to force the device to shut down. Then, check to see if you can widen your available storage space by deleting some unnecessary data.

In the end, if you’re still having trouble, a factory reset may be the best thing you can do to give your phone a clean slate. If the problem lies with malfunctioning or aging hardware, you may need to visit the repair shop and go from there.

10. You Have Bad Reception

While more than likely your phone is not at fault for networking issues or poor cell signal, it’s worth including this common problem in this list. For the most part, changing settings on your phone isn’t going to solve your connectivity dilemma. However, there are times when it is your hardware that is causing the problem, and, in those cases, there are a few steps you can take, but it may require seeking outside help.

Solution: Try Some At-Home Fixes, Then Call the Experts

Before you do anything else, make sure that you’re not just experiencing normal, unavoidable network problems like a dead spot where no one can get signal. If other devices are having trouble connecting, it’s probably your network as a whole and not your phone that you need to address. In this case, try calling your carrier or Internet service provider for some assistance.

If your phone truly is the culprit, try restarting it first. Then, make sure you have the latest version of your operating system installed. At that point, if you still have difficulty connecting, you may need to do some web searching or call your phone manufacturer to help out.

11. You’re Having Trouble With Bluetooth

Bluetooth Connection Problems

While fewer cables might seem like fewer problems, that is not always the case with Bluetooth devices. If a device isn’t pairing, it can even be more frustrating because you literally can’t see where the problem is. The issue might not be visible, but if you try a few of these fixes, you should be able to figure out how to solve it.

Solution: Do Some Troubleshooting

For starters, is that Bluetooth device compatible with your phone? The device might not be universal for all phones. You can also try placing the devices right next to each other to make sure that no obstruction is causing the issue. Once you have attempted that and checked to make sure Bluetooth is turned on, you can always try turning both your phone and the device off and back on again.

12. Your Charging Port Stopped Working

Just as with phone batteries, over time your charging cables and port will wear down. On your phone, the little metal tabs around the opening where you plug in your charger can get damaged or dirty, which can complicate or slow down its charging capabilities. It’s not always the charging port that is causing charger problems though, so feel free to do a little troubleshooting before admitting defeat and shelling out for a phone repair.

Solution: Do What You Can, Then Have It Fixed Professionally

If you just need to brush away some debris from the port, try using an unused toothbrush or cotton swab to clean out the gunk that’s preventing a good connection to your charging cable. If it’s the cable or wall adapter that’s faulty, swap them out. Unfortunately, if the issue is really related to a broken charging port, you’ll need to head to the repair shop.

Other Smartphone Issues and Their Solutions

If the problem you’re experiencing isn’t explicitly addressed in this list, you may be able to search for solutions online. Do some web searches using your phone’s make and model and the particular difficulty you are having. You can also contact us for some additional assistance if the tips in this post don’t seem to fix the problem. We’re here to help!

If your phone is ultimately beyond repair, consider selling your phone to The Whiz Cells to get cash to put towards a new one. We accept a wide variety of devices, pay our sellers faster than anyone else in the business and offer free shipping. So even if your mobile phone problem can’t be fixed with the steps we’ve listed, you can be on your way to a new, problem-free phone in no time.

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