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How to Connect Your Smartphone to Your TV

By October 7, 2019No Comments

Thanks to modern mobile technology, many people like to have both their business and their entertainment stashed in one compact device. However, if you’re trying to binge stream or want to watch a movie with friends using your phone or tablet, staring at the small screen can be a hassle.

By that point, you’re probably asking whether or not smartphones can be connected to TVs — and the answer is yes. No matter what type of smartphone you have, there’s a simple way to display your phone content on the TV so that everyone can see the screen. Read below to learn how to sync a smartphone to your Smart TV.

Connect to Your TV on iOS

You can connect your TV and iOS mobile device in a number of ways. One of the most well-known methods is to use an HDMI cord and AV adapter, which will allow you to plug your phone into the TV.

If you have an AppleTV, you can connect your TV and iOS device wirelessly. You can play video and audio by using your home wireless connection to access AirPlay. To do so, go into your device’s Control Center, select the AirPlay Mirroring option and choose your TV as the destination.

With AppleTV, you can use the wireless connection between your TV and mobile device to access video and movie apps. For example, if you want to connect YouTube on your phone to the TV, you can simply start the phone’s YouTube app and it will appear on the TV screen.

Apple devices also support the use of other Smart TV options such as Samsung’s SmartThings. To use SmartThings, you can download the SmartThings app and then select your TV from within the app — this process will allow you to mirror videos and photos from your mobile device on the TV screen.

Finally, you can use your iOS device to watch video on your Roku TV. As long as you have a wireless internet connection and the Roku app, you can use Play on Roku to show videos or photos from your phone — or use compatible streaming apps from your phone to watch full-screen movies and shows.

Connect to Your TV on Android

Like iOS devices, Android phones can hook up to your TV with an HDMI cord, but by instead using a SlimPort or MHL adapter. However, many Androids have Miracast, which will allow you to access any videos on your phone while displaying them on your TV. You can access Miracast by buying a wireless display adapter for your TV’s HDMI port.

As for Smart TV options, you can sync your Android smartphone to your Smart TV using tools such as SmartThings, Wi-Fi Direct and Roku. Wi-Fi Direct will allow you to turn on screen mirroring with almost any Smart TV and modern Android device using either Smart View or Quick Connect.

Meanwhile, Roku TV works a little bit differently with Android devices than iOS, as having an Android gives you the ability to use Roku screen mirroring. If you want to use screen mirroring, you can enable the feature on your device and then select your TV to connect. This feature will allow you to see everything on the Android through the TV.

Roku screening mirroring also works with Windows Devices.

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