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100% functional. Battery capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware. Flawless, without any scratches, dents, dings, or wear. It could pass as a brand new phone.Less than 10% of devices fall into this category.
100% Functional. Battery Capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware, Few Light Scratches, can not be felt by the fingernail.
Cracked Glass
100% functional. Battery capacity 85%+, Original parts and unmodified software/firmware. Cracked glass ONLY (Front or Back). Touch screen works and everything other than the glass in good condition.
Any feature of the phone not working or physically broken. The phone must power on.NO WATER DAMAGE.
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*Payment will be sent within 24 business hours after the device is received

**This quote is valid for 20 days and will expire on 07/10/2024

Trade in Your Used Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Want to offset the cost of your new Samsung upgrade? If you held onto your old Galaxy S20 Ultra, you have the perfect opportunity to sell it for instant cash with The Whiz Cells. We recycle used mobile devices to keep them in use and out of landfills. We pay you handsomely for your devices, spruce them up to a like-new condition and sell it to users looking for a more affordable upgrade from older phones.

Get a Top Dollar Offer for Your S20 Ultra Trade-In

The Whiz Cells is known for paying top dollar for used devices, and we tend to beat out our biggest competitors by 10% per phone. We don’t want there to be a cost barrier to selling your phone, so we also cover the cost of shipping and can even provide packaging if you request it. We put more money in your pocket and make it free to sell your phone. Depending on the condition and storage capacity of your S20 Ultra, you could end up with over $500. That will put a decent dent in the cost of your new phone. Haven’t fully paid off your S20? No worries. We’ll even buy your phone if it has a bad ESN as long as it’s not stolen.

Sell Your S20 Ultra With a Fast and Convenient Process

On top of offering top dollar for your device, our selling process makes it super easy for you to sell your S20 Ultra. Grab your phone and answer a few questions about its carrier, condition, storage to get your instant cash quote. After you checkout, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to use, and all you have to do is take your S20 Ultra to the post office or a USPS drop-off location. When we receive your phone, we’ll take a quick look at it to ensure it matches your description and get your payment processed right away. It’s that simple and fast.

A Galaxy S20 Ultra Trade-In You Can Trust

When selling a phone worth as much as a Galaxy S20 Ultra, you don’t want to trust just anybody. The Whiz Cells is a reputable online buyer, and we have the resellerratings.com rating to prove it. Selling your phone yourself can be risky, whether you’re sifting through scam postings or meeting in-person with strangers. With The Whiz Cells, everything is done safely online and through the mail. You can rest easy knowing your personal information won’t fall into the wrong hands because we make sure to wipe your phone as soon as we get it. Our payment methods are also safe, and if you don’t feel comfortable with Venmo or PayPal, we’re happy to send a check.

Get Paid Fast for Your S20 Ultra Trade-In

Want your money super quick? Choose our Stupid Fast Payment (SFP) option. All you need to do is provide your own packaging (usually costs less than a dollar) and select Venmo or PayPal as your payment method. With the SFP, you’ll get paid within one business day of us receiving your S20 Ultra. You might even get paid the same day.

Sell Your Galaxy S20 Ultra Today

You can get started with your S20 Ultra trade-in today. Sign up for a free account at TheWhizCells.com, and you’re on your way to fast cash.

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