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Why Your Phone Isn’t Charging and How to Fix It

By October 19, 2020No Comments
Charging Phones

Have you ever come home after a long day to plug in your phone, only to find that it won’t charge? It’s a more common phone issue than you might think. The good news is that, in many cases, there’s a simple reason why this is happening and an easy solution to fix it.

Maybe your phone fails to start charging when you plug it into the wall, or it says it’s charging without adding to the battery bar. Whatever is happening when you try to charge your device, we’ll offer a few tips below that can help you find the right solution.

Why Does My Phone Not Charge?

If you’re wondering why your phone says it’s charging but it’s not responding to the cord and adapter, there are a few possibilities to explore. You may be able to address the issue on your own without having to replace the whole device.

For example, your charging issue could be as simple as a software glitch in your phone’s system. Perhaps dust, moisture or debris have started to build up in your charging port. In some cases, it may even be the fault of the charger or adapter rather than the phone itself.

There are several potential culprits that could be hindering your phone’s ability to charge. Once you know what they are, it’s often easy to troubleshoot and fix them.

How to Fix a Phone That’s Not Charging

If something is preventing your cell phone from charging and you suspect any of the above issues, consider using some of these quick fixes. You can try:

  • Turning it off and back on: The most obvious step is often one of the most effective. Before trying anything else, reboot your phone and see if that helps. If it’s a bug or glitch in the system, a reboot can return your device’s performance to normal.
  • Updating your device: You can also fix small software bugs by making sure your device is up-to-date. Updates are often designed to patch glitches that can cause performance issues.
  • Using a different charging cable: Charging cords wear out over time, and sometimes they can stop working altogether. Consider buying a different charger or using a spare to find out if that’s the root cause you’re looking for.
  • Cleaning out the charging port: If you suspect that your phone’s charging port has become clogged with dust or other particles, power down the device and look inside. Gently blowing on the port can loosen any particles that are in the way.
  • Making sure your phone is dry: Water or moisture can cause all types of performance issues with your phone. If moisture is the culprit, you may be able to dry the device by placing it in a bowl of rice overnight.

What Are Your Other Options?

What if you try all these tricks and your phone continues to resist a charge? It could be an issue with the device’s battery or hardware. Depending on the device, you may be able to buy a brand-new battery to maximize the life of your phone. If it’s another hardware issue, you may need to take it in for repairs or replacements.

Once you know what’s causing your phone’s charging issue, it’s up to you to decide how to handle it. You can save money on a new device today by selling your old one* for a cash offer at The Whiz Cells. Feel free to contact us or search for your phone in our device listings today.

*The Whiz Cells does not buy water-damaged phones.

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