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What’s New in Smartphone Streaming?

By January 17, 2020No Comments
Smartphone Streaming

Since the advent of smartphones, tablets, and other electronics, it seems as if any new and upcoming streaming services are all anyone can talk about. Streaming is a form of technology that delivers content to both mobile devices and computers over the internet. Smartphone streaming transmits data as a continuous flow and grants viewers access to the latest shows and music almost instantly.

For all those smartphone fans out there, read on to discover what’s new in online streaming, including exciting new partnerships, services, and deals that will keep you hooked more than ever this year.

What Is Disney+

Disney+ is an ad-free, on-demand streaming service for Disney movies and TV shows. The American subscription video-on-demand streaming service debuted in November 2019 in the U.S., the Netherlands and Canada.

ESPN+ and Hulu — Disney’s other streaming services — run on the same platform in partnership with the media conglomerate. This way, new subscribers can sign up for all three with the same credit card information and password. Although all three represent individual subscriptions, users can purchase all three for a triple-service bundle of $13 per month.

The Walt Disney Company is calling Disney+ the future of the company. The service is accessible, cost-effective, and features content from Disney’s biggest names — including 20th Century Fox, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, “Star Wars” and Marvel. Disney+ costs $69.99 per year, or $6.99 per month, and can be streamed by users from a variety of devices, including gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, phones and smart TVs.

Also, Disney’s deal with Verizon makes it so that carrier customers have access to a free year of the service. What’s more, Disney+ includes unlimited downloads so subscribers can watch anywhere and anytime.

Netflix’s partnership with Nickolodeon — announced just days after Disney+ launched — was an attempt by the company to combat this new, widely popular streaming service. Netflix and Nickolodeon’s partnership is based on Nickolodeon characters and aims to tell original stories to families around the world.

How to Stream Disney+

One feature that makes Disney+ so popular is its versatility when it comes to device support. Disney executives intended for Disney+ to be supported by all major devices that stream video. Disney+ supports Chromecasting from your tablet or Android phone. Whether you own a smart TV or not, you’ll be able to use Chromecast to watch Disney+.

Smart TVs, much like smartphones, open a world of possibilities to entertainment viewers today by offering internet connectivity and support for a wide range of apps. Smart TV users can stream video from Hulu and Netflix, play games, control a variety of connected gadgets, and check their social media feeds.

Subscribers can watch Disney+ on four devices simultaneously and view shows from a variety of places. These include:

  • Smart TVs, including Samsung Tizen, Android TV and LG WebOS
  • Streaming devices including Chromecast, Chromebook, Apple AirPlay and Amazon Fire TV
  • Desktop web browsers
  • Android and Apple phones and tablets
  • Game consoles and streaming boxes, including PlayStation 4, Roku, Xbox, and Apple TV 4th Gen and later

Take Advantage of Smartphone Streaming 

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