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Best First Phone to Purchase

By January 24, 2020No Comments
Kids First Phone - Taking a Photo

Are you thinking about buying your child or teenager their first phone? If so, there are several factors to consider and features to look for. Whether you’re seeking a smartphone that will ensure your child’s safety or a device you can rely on, know that there are more than enough options out there. That’s why, at The Whiz Cells, we want to give you a rundown of the best first phones for children on the market today.

Best First Phones for Children or Teenagers 

As a parent, you may view cost as the most important factor influencing your purchase decision. Or, perhaps you view safety and functionality as top priorities. For this reason, we’ve considered these factors when compiling a list of some of the best first phones for children and tweens at every age.

For some inspiration on the ideal phone to buy for your child, check out the following:

  1. Best phones for children ages eight and under: Parents usually opt for phones for younger children due to complex schedules or caregiving needs. For tracking purposes only, we suggest the Jiobit. If you’d like your child to be able to talk on the phone to you or any other adult, try the Republic Wireless Relay. This screenless device is an excellent way to link a child with a parent or another group of kids.
  2. Best phones for tweens ages nine to 13: When your child becomes a tween, it may be time to consider buying them a voice phone. To start, look for a phone that works on your carrier’s 4G LTE network. We recommend the Doro 7050 on Consumer Cellular, the unlocked Nokia 3310 3G on AT&T or the KyoceraCadence LTE on Verizon. If you want a low-cost option that works on all four U.S. carrier networks, try the Moto E5 Play.
  3. Best phones for teens ages 14 to 17: While teens are generally old enough to require a more tech-savvy phone, it’s still important to turn on location tracking for their device in the case of an emergency or in case they misplace it. The OnePlus 6T has geek cred and flagship power and is more cost-effective than Apple or Samsung phones. Another great option is the LG X Venture for AT&T. For a great balance of price and water-resistance, the older, but still capable, iPhone 7 is the way to go.

Prices for Your Child’s Ideal First Phone

As a parent, you most likely want the most cost-effective option when buying your child or teenager their first phone. Plus, you want the best-quality device for the price you pay. Prices on our suggested best first phones to purchase are:

  • iPhone 7: Originally launched at a starting MSRP of $649. It can now be found for around $300 new and $150-$200 used.
  • LG X Venture for AT&T: Launched at $329.99 in 2017. It can now be found for $50-$150.
  • OnePlus 6T: Launched at $549 in 2018. It can now be found for around $329.
  • Moto E5 Play: Starts at $99
  • KyoceraCadence LTE on Verizon: Starts at $120
  • Nokia 3310 3G on AT&T: Starts at $54.99
  • Doro 7050 on Consumer Cellular: Starts at $49.99
  • Republic Wireless Relay: Starts at $49.99 plus $9.99 per month for unlimited use
  • Jiobit: Starts at $99.99

Best Age for a Child to Receive a Smartphone

If you’re like most parents, there comes a time when your child reaches a certain age and you start to wonder if you should get them their first phone. On average, children receive their first phone at 10.3 years old in the United States. Several studies suggest the best time to purchase your child’s first phone is by the time they enter eighth grade.

However, if you have a younger child and feel the need to keep tabs on them due to caregiving needs or frequent schedule changes, buying them a phone earlier may be a better option. There are many benefits to buying your child their first phone. First, it provides you with a way to keep in touch with them in case of an emergency. You can also take advantage of the educational apps many smartphones offer and keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts whenever you please.

As a parent, there are several ways to minimize distractions regarding your child’s mobile device. To keep your child focused on tasks like homework, chores, or even family time, try:

  • Setting an example
  • Encouraging them to get outside
  • Scheduling breaks for them approximately every hour
  • Setting up a well-lit, distraction-free zone for them to complete homework

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