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iPhone XS Features vs. iPhone X

By November 8, 2018No Comments

What a difference a year can make! On September 12th, 2017, at the first ever public gathering at the Steve Jobs Theater, the iPhone X was introduced. Then, a year later to the exact date, the folks at Apple unveiled the twelfth generation of the iPhone with the iPhone XS.

So what exactly are the iPhone XS new features? Since so much was written in speculation about the latest flagship iPhone before it was even released, let’s take a closer look and see what real changes and iPhone XS improvements you can expect.

iPhone XS Features vs. X

    • The screen: The iPhone XS comes with the same size screen as its predecessor — 5.8 inches — and the iPhone XS Max comes with a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus — 6.5 inches. But the big news is how much better the quality and color of images are with these newest OLED screens, which have a 60 percent better dynamic range than the iPhone X. In addition, there are even reports that the new OLED screens are better for your eye health because they generate less blue light than LCD-based displays.
    • The chip: No iPhone XS features list would be complete without mentioning the new CPU. At the core of the new iPhone XS, the chip making all the difference is the A12 Bionic. It works 15 percent faster than the iPhone X’s A11, and while it delivers 50 percent faster performance for graphics, it does so while using half of the power that the A11 requires. In addition, its neural engine and real-time learning capabilities combine to put better camera technology, augmented reality and immersive gaming experiences all in the palm of your hand.
    • The case: If you experience the occasional spill, drop or splash while holding your phone, there’s also good news about the new iPhone’s durability and resistance to water and liquids. While the iPhone X came with an IP67 water- and dust-resistance rating — meaning it should survive a drop into three feet of water for approximately half an hour — the iPhone XS has a rating of IP68, which doubles the depth of its survival rate to six feet of water. Plus, it should have no problem shrugging off stickier accidents such as beer and soda spills. Apple’s claims that their new iPhone comes with the toughest case so far were also verified in independent tests that found it survived drops on its edge and face from heights ranging from three to five feet.
    • The camera: Ever thought you took the perfect snapshot — only to find out you didn’t? Well, now there’s a solution. Thanks to the addition of the A12 Bionic processor, the iPhone XS comes with technology that allows you to sharpen photos even after you’ve taken the shot! Using a dual camera system with plenty of processing power and algorithms to boot, you can now adjust the depth of photos you’ve already taken. In addition, the new 1.4-micron sensor means that the iPhone XS will capture low light shots much better than the iPhone X.
    • The security unlock: Thanks to the neural engine power of the A12 chip, Face ID runs faster and better on the iPhone XS than on the iPhone X, which is welcome news since there’s no longer a fingerprint sensor.

    If you’re ready to trade in your old phone or have more questions about the iPhone XS vs. iPhone X, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Contact us for the fastest help with all your cell phone needs.