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New Feature: The Whiz Cells Push Notifications

By November 12, 2018No Comments

As an industry leader in electronics recycling and resale, The Whiz Cells is all about helping people like you get the most cash for their used — and even broken — electronic devices. For devices ranging from cell phones to tablets, we typically offer 10 percent more money per device than other recyclers like Gazelle.

Of course, when you decide to sell your old cell phone, you’d probably love to know exactly where it is in the process, from being shipped to being received and finally being paid for. Fortunately, with our new push notification feature, you can get real-time updates throughout the entire transaction of selling your old phone, so you’ll always know where your phone is and when you can expect payment.

Remember: The Whiz Cells isn’t some stranger you have to meet or an auction site you have to pay fees to in order to sell your old electronic devices. Instead, we make every step of the selling process for your old phone safe, secure and — above all — fast. It’s why we even call our payment system Stupid Fast Payment (SFP)!

Moreover, when you opt-in for push notifications by clicking on the bell icon located on the bottom right of any page on our website, you’ll receive real-time updates that let you know where your phone is in the sales process.

Push Notification Updates

Unlike generic sale push notifications that randomly push offers out to all consumers, The Whiz Cells push notification updates are personalized to provide you with the timely information you want about your own transaction. When you opt into this exciting new feature, you’ll automatically receive messages throughout all the important steps of the transaction.

We even cover the cost of shipping by sending you a shipping label, and you’ll never be left wondering where your phone or device is — it’s like having your own personal assistant to keep you informed. Typically, the notification process takes place over several days. You’re notified when your order is placed, when your phone is shipped, when it’s received and when payment is made.

Of course, you can opt out of push notifications at any time, but if you want to receive them from The Whiz Cells after the completion of your transaction, we’ll keep you up to date regarding the release of new devices and the latest blog articles filled with information and expert advice on electronic device news.

Stay Informed With The Whiz Cells

Because we’re confident that we’ve found the best way to recycle electronic devices and put the most cash in your pocket, we never want you to feel left out of the process. That’s why The Whiz Cells push notifications are about keeping you informed and empowered. Plus, with honest, timely and independent information from our blogs, you can always find the answers you’re looking for when it comes to cell phones, accessories and what’s next in the world of electronic devices.

When you want to make some fast money, do it the safe and secure way. Choose The Whiz Cells, sign up for our push notifications and remember to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you might have. We’re always happy to hear from you.