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The Growing Popularity of Second-Hand Cell Phone Buyers

By October 27, 2016No Comments

The new cell phone market is growing faster than ever. Mobile device technology is exploding, and the things these devices can do get more amazing every year. The result is a greater demand for the newest, best cell phones on the market. The side effect? A massive market for refurbished second-hand phones.

By some estimates, 60 percent of cell phone owners upgrade their phones just to get the newest model. What happens to their old, often perfectly good cell phones? Statistics show that an amazing 64 percent find their way into the secondhand market, for something on the order of 120 million units sold by 2017.

How the Second-Hand Phone Market Helps You

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re on either side of this market, you’re in luck. If you’re the type who likes to get the latest phone as soon as it hits the market, you have more opportunities to sell your old phone at a good price than ever before. This can seriously cut into the cost of your new phone, making the decision to upgrade even easier. The newer and in better shape your old phone is, the higher the price is that you are likely to command — so if your only reason for ditching your old phone is to get the newest model, you’re in great shape.

On the other hand, maybe you’re the type who hangs onto their phone for a long time. You’re still sorting out last year’s bells and whistles, and you’re not worried about the latest developments. If you’re one of these, the secondary cell phone market is tailor-made for you. Some people may have smartphones that are three, four, even five years old. Rather than buy a mid-range phone new, you can sometimes get last year’s high-end top-of-the-line model for the same price.

Taking Advantage of the Second-Hand Cell Phone Market

If you do decide to dip your toe in the second-hand cell phone market, the best way to do it is with a company that specializes in buying and selling old and refurbished phones, like This way, once you set up a free account with the website, you can buy or sell your phone with a minimum of effort to you.

If you’re buying, just go online, pick the phone you like at the price that’s right, and you’re on your way. If you’re selling, just answer a few basic questions about your phone, send it in and get cash fast. You win either way. Whether you’re an early adopter or you like to wait for others to test the waters first when it comes to technology, the secondary cell phone market can benefit you.