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Best Smartphones for Video

By October 20, 2016No Comments

It’s hard to believe there was a time when if you wanted to record video, you had to carry a clunky camera on your shoulder like a member of some amateur news team. Today, thanks to modern technology, each of us carries the same capability in our pockets. We can take pictures or video anytime, anywhere, as long as our phones are charged.

However, that’s not always good enough. Some of us want to make sure we’re taking the best video phone technology can provide.

What Do You Need for the Best Video Phone?

So what’s the best camera on a cell phone? In the current market, you can’t be a contender in the best video phone race unless you have 4K resolution. It has about four times the pixels of a 1080p HD video. It’s the best resolution you can currently get, so if you want the highest-quality video, you want 4K.

You also want Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This feature dramatically reduces camera shaking. If you’ve ever tried recording from a full-size camera without a tripod, you’ll know how easy it is to get shake in your picture, so you can imagine how much shaking is possible with a little handheld phone. The best camera on a cell phone for video has to have both 4K and OIS.

Which Phones Fit Into the “Best Camera on a Cell Phone” Category?

Maybe it seems impossible to find a phone with the image resolution and specifications you’re looking for to take the best video, but you do have options. Here are a few:

    • iPhone 6s Plus

When it comes to the best video phone camera, the iPhone 6s Plus is tough to beat. The regular iPhone 6s is pretty impressive too, but it doesn’t have that critical Optical Image Stabilization. The 6s Plus has both 4K and OIS, meaning you get the clearest, crispest picture possible with minimum shakiness.

    • Google Nexus 6P

Another solid entry in the best video phone race may surprise you. The Google Nexus 6P records in 4K and records clear videos even in low light. An added bonus is that since the Google Nexus 6P can be waterproof, you can actually film underwater. Imagine posting video of your next tropical vacation with that feature! You can also shoot using more detailed RAW images rather than jpgs, which gives more editing options for the more serious filmmakers out there.

    • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Note Edge truly seems to reach the heights of video phone recording technology. Its 4K recording comes with a resolution of 2560 x (1440+160), creating a larger palate for content recording. OIS is naturally part of the package, as is autofocus and Ultra HD recording at 30 FPS (res:3840×2160). This smartphone is a mobile videographer’s dream.

Before deciding on the best video phone for you, though, it’s not a bad idea to go try out these different models and see for yourself. Great resolution video is something you can only describe to a certain extent — you have to see it to truly understand it.