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Alternatives to Throwing Away Your Old Phone

By October 13, 2016No Comments

Has your phone seen better days? Maybe it’s a few years old, and the technology is already way out of date, or maybe there a few cracks on the screen, and it doesn’t seem to work as quickly as it used to. Fortunately, it’s time for an upgrade anyway and that old phone has to go — but what do you do with old cell phones?

Mobile carriers and cell phone manufacturers tell you a lot about what you can do with your cell phone, but not a lot about what to do with old cell phones and chargers. There are a number of answers to the question of what to do with old cell phones, but the one thing you should not do is throw it away. Throwing away your cell phone is not only wasteful, but it’s bad for the environment. Plus, you have a number of much better options. Consider these ideas.

Recycle It

There are companies that specialize in recycling old cell phones, chargers and other tech equipment, and they’re not hard to find. A quick Google search of where to recycle cell phones in your area should lead you to one in no time.

Also, some big box stores like Best Buy or Staples, and even other stores like Whole Foods, sometimes offer cell phone recycling on the spot. You might get a little something in return, too — although the good feeling you get from protecting the environment will probably be enough.

Donate It

You may not know what to do with old cell phones, but there are plenty of charities out there that do. Donating is almost as easy as recycling and may make you feel even better about yourself. Just give your favorite charity a call and find out their policy on taking cell phone donations. Then drop it off, and you’re done.

Trade It

You may not only be able to trade your cell phone back to the manufacturer or your mobile carrier for a discount, but you might also be able to trade it online with interested parties who know what to do with old cell phones. Just make sure to wipe your phone clean and protect all of your data before trading your phone — as you should do before getting rid of your old phone in any way, shape or form.

Sell It

You can also sell your old cell phone. Even if you don’t want it, there’s someone out there who does. Is your cell phone broken? No problem. There are technology retailers like that specialize in refurbishing old cell phones — and cell phones in disrepair — so they will be more than happy to give you a good price for most cell phones, even if they’ve taken a few licks.