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Cool Smartphone Accessories and Gadgets

By October 23, 2018No Comments

Does it seem like you can do just about anything these days with the help of your smartphone? Well with the right cool smartphone gadgets, you probably can!

We’ve looked at some of this year’s must-have smartphone accessories and come up with a list of cool phone accessories that can do everything from opening your front door to telling you where to fish!

Best Smartphone Gadgets of 2018

Keep these options in mind if you’re looking for some impressive bells and whistles:

  • OCASE Waterproof Phone Case: We spend enough on our smartphones, so supplying them with protection from water and the elements is just the smart thing to do. The OCASE is one of the best waterproof cases out there. Its simple design, with a secure top clasp locking mechanism above a clear pouch, gives your phone full protection in up to 100 feet underwater. Once it’s in the case, you can still use it and even take underwater photos and videos. Just remember to fasten the handy strap around your wrist so that your phone comes out of the water when you do!
  • Deeper: While we’re on the subject of water, Friday Lab has come out with the Deeper device — something every sports fisherman will want. This portable sonar device can spot fish underwater and send the info back to your smartphone. Fishing’s about to get so exciting, you might want to consider pairing Deeper with the waterproof case discussed above.
  • Smart Baby Monitor: New parents, listen up! Now you can stream live video and audio of your baby over a secure wireless connection directly to your smartphone. Paired with the WithBaby app, the Smart Baby Monitor can even check on the temperature and humidity of the room where your baby is resting.
  • 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: As smartphones become more and more powerful, we’re doing more with them. But typing can still be a hassle, so the 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is here to give you the convenience of a physical keyboard that works wirelessly with your Android device. In addition, it has a long battery life and even comes with a stand for your phone.
  • Lockitron: Stop the key fumble on your front steps! Lockitron unlocks your front door when you tap your smartphone. With a little customization, you can even preset it so that your door automatically unlocks when you approach. Plus, this handy device lets you know when someone’s knocking at your door.
  • NODE Chroma: For designers, artists, illustrators and anyone else for whom color is important, the NODE Chroma is an automatic color detector. Simply place the device on the colored object you want detected, and it will save it to your smartphone or computer in RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX formats for your immediate use or future reference.
  • RAVPower 16W Solar Panel: Go hiking, camping and enjoy the great outdoors — but do it all with a fully charged smartphone thanks to the RAVPower 16W Solar Panel. This light, waterproof and durable solar charger will get your phone back up to full power in just a few sunny hours.
  • Mpow iSnap X Selfie Stick: If you’re going to use a selfie stick, it might as well be the best. With Mpow’s sleek design, you get an extendable selfie stick that collapses to around seven inches and extends to over 30 inches. It works via Bluetooth and holds any smartphone between 2.1 and 3.3 inches wide. Plus, its great 270-degree rotation means you’ll capture the best picture of you and your friends wherever you go.

Naturally, with these cool accessories, you’ll want a smartphone that can keep up with your lifestyle. If you have any questions regarding smartphone models or specs, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you make the right choice.

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