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The Best Way to Dry Out a Phone

By January 19, 2016No Comments

If you’ve dropped your phone in a toilet, or it’s wet for any other reason, you can take comfort in knowing that there are several tips to follow. For starters, you’ve likely heard of putting a wet phone in a bag of rice to dry it out. The real question, though, is does this actually work? Truth is, the answer is both yes and no. Sometimes, putting a wet phone in a bag of rice will dry it out, but it can often take days for it to dry out completely, and it’s during this time that corrosion may occur.

How to Dry Out a Wet Cellphone

One of the best ways to dry out a wet cellphone is by sending it off to be fixed. There are repair specialists who work with wet cell phones every day, and they have extensive knowledge about this particular problem. It is important, however, to make sure you don’t power on your wet cellphone after it’s been dropped in water. Water and electricity don’t mix well, and this especially applies to a wet phone. Acquiring repair services from a cellphone specialist is especially important because it can restore all of your data and contacts, and even better: in most cases, you don’t have to pay unless it works.

Another way to save a wet iPhone is by sending it to a cell phone dry box service provider. While not all phones can be saved, dry box technology has a 70 percent success rate. Gone are the days when you have to invest in a new iPhone every time you get one wet. With dry box technology and the assistance of a repair specialist, almost any phone can be saved. Do keep in mind that the sooner you get the phone to one of these specialists, the higher your chances of successfully fixing it.

A Few Other Tips to Follow to Save a Wet iPhone

Immediately after you have noticed your phone is wet, remove it from the water and take out the battery, if possible. You’ll also want to remove any SIM cards or memory cards. These two cards will have lots of data on them, and as long as they’re removed immediately, they should be fine. In the event that your phone cannot be fixed due to extensive water damage, having the SIM and memory cards will be very useful because you can use them in a different phone.

But if all else fails, your first priority should be to get the phone as quickly as possible to a repair specialist who’s familiar with restoring phones that have been dropped in water.