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The Best Mobile Games of 2017 So Far

By November 6, 2017No Comments

One of the best things about mobile devices is fun new mobile games. What we did before them while waiting in line or riding the bus is a mystery, but today we have access to nearly limitless smartphone games at our fingertips. Best of all, innovative coders are constantly inventing new and better games to amuse us on the go.

The best smartphone games are often very simple, but they find a way to challenge us and reward us for playing so that time seems to fade away. But what are the best smartphone games for 2017? Opinions will vary, but here’s our list of the top mobile games in 2017 so far.

1. FIFA Mobile Soccer

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll love FIFA Mobile Soccer. It’s the most sophisticated smartphone soccer game yet. From the masters of sports video games, EA Sports, this game is replete with rich graphics, a variety of gaming modes that includes live events and tons of teams and features to keep you occupied — at least until the next version comes out.

2. Monument Valley 2

The sequel to Ken Wong’s captivating Monument Valley, the puzzle game that essentially puts you at the center of an M.C. Escher painting and invites you to figure things out from there, Monument Valley 2 is the answer to players who complained the original was too short. Fans now have even more puzzles to solve and breathtaking, physically impossible vistas to admire.

3. Reigns

If you’ve ever wanted to rule a medieval kingdom from your mobile phone, now’s your chance. Reigns is a simple mobile decision game in the spirit of games like Civilization and the Sims Series, in which the choices you make by swiping right or left determine whether your kingdom’s rule will expand or fail. Trying to figure out the right choices to balance the four pillars of religion, army, treasury and people will engaged you for days on end, and might even qualify you for public office.

4. To the Moon

Turn the sound on and prepare for a mobile RPG that will tug at your heartstrings. In To the Moon, you aren’t fighting space aliens or racing cars — you’re constructing a fantasy for a dying man who dreams of going to the moon. Solve puzzles and create memories to move your protagonist closer to his goal. For a deeply moving story-based adventure on your smartphone, this one is tough to beat.

5. Silly Walks

If you feel it’s been too long since you’ve played a mobile game that’s centered around fruit, you’ll be thrilled to discover Silly Walks. Walk your way through a quest to save all your favorite fruit friends from getting turned into smoothies. It’s light, humorous fun that’s a great way to kill a little time in the checkout line.

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