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10 Top Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone to Keep You on Track This Spring

By May 10, 2017October 29th, 2020No Comments

As the weather gets warmer, more people are taking the opportunity to get out and exercise or head to their local gym. These days, technology has given us a new weapon to help us stay on top of our fitness, including apps to keep you motivated, help you stay on track with your goals and give you that little push when you need it.

Using apps to keep track of fitness goals helps give you something to shoot for, which makes you more likely to follow through. So what are the best apps for gym-goers and outdoor exercisers? Here are ten of the top fitness apps for iPhone and Android users to consider in 2017.

  1. MyFitnessPal

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a diet is the calorie-counting. It’s hard enough to eat right without having to try to figure out how many calories are in every little thing you put in your mouth, especially when you eat out. MyFitnessPal makes it easy with a barcode scanner, a recipe importer and a database of over five million foods.

  1. Map My Fitness

If you’re more than just a gym rat — someone who likes to keep it fresh with different fitness activities — try Map My Fitness, which can log over 600 different activities and collects data on calories burned, distance run and more. The app is compatible with wearable tech and is enabled for community challenges.

  1. Charity Miles

Here’s a great way to stick with your workout and do good at the same time. Sign up for the charity of your choice, and in addition to tracking your progress as you run or bike, corporate sponsors will donate to that charity for every mile you complete.

  1. Sworkit

One of the hottest fitness apps on the market right now, this app lets you access exercise videos led by personal trainers. There are over 200 types of exercises, and you can choose a standard workout or customize your own.

  1. Fitted Lifts

This is one of the best fitness apps for gym veterans who like to record their weightlifting sets. Create a routine and track your exercises segregated by muscle group, with tables or graphs to display your progress.

  1. 5K

Have you always dreamed of being a distance runner but never really known how to get started? Download 5K, an app trainer specifically designed to get beginning runners up-to-speed.

  1. Jefit

Another app for more serious fitness buffs, Jefit has a massive exercise database sorted by body part with timers, planners, progress trackers and more.

  1. Yoga Studio

Yoga fans will love the Yoga Studio app, which offers over 70 yoga and meditation classes depending upon your needs and skill level.

  1. PEAR Personal Coach

How many of us have felt all we needed was the right coach to get us through our workout? This app provides it, with hundreds of interactive audio workouts with professional coaches.

  1. FIT Radio

For the many of us who like to listen to music while we work out, FIT Radio streams music with a consistent beat and can even tailor a mix towards the type of workout you’re doing.