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Which Smartphones Have the Best Cameras in 2019?

By June 12, 2019No Comments

The days of assuming that the latest smartphone has the best camera are quickly drawing to a close. With front cameras, dual cameras, low-light sensors and telephoto lenses making their way into all sorts of smartphones, it’s getting harder and harder to say what smartphone has the best camera without first taking into consideration the types of photos you plan to take.

For example, an architect or real estate agent might rely on an ultra-wide lens for taking property photos in an optimal landscape format. However, socially minded students might consider an array of light sensors that support snapshot versatility — the most critical function for their photography needs.

Fortunately, whatever your reason for taking photos, smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Google and Samsung are catching up to — and in some cases surpassing — what was previously the realm of Apple’s newest flagship iPhone for the best smartphone camera.

What Smartphone Has the Best Camera Functions?

The following smartphones have made our best camera phone 2019 list for several reasons — from low-light capabilities to portrait features. Read on to discover what mobile is best for the camera functions you need.

  • Huawei P30 Pro: Released in April 2019, the P30 Pro is Huawei’s new flagship smartphone that retails for $969 on Amazon. Of course, for that price, you expect a lot, and Huawei delivers — especially when it comes to its camera capabilities. With a best-in-class zoom and outstanding low-light photography features, this well-engineered camera phone sports four different lenses just on its rear side. This includes a 20MP ultra-wide, 8MP telephoto, 40MP main and even a time-of-flight camera to give your portrait shots depth. People living in America will still have to navigate purchasing an unlocked model that works with GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile, but with all the P30 Pro can do, it might just be worth the extra effort.
  • Google Pixel 3: With your choice of handsets — the Pixel 3 or the Pixel 3 XL — this camera phone for Android enthusiasts only needs one 12.2MP rear lens and two 8MP front lenses to set it apart from the competition. With some of the best HDR and accurate color results of any camera phone on the market today, Google’s technical hardware — including its Pixel Visual Core chip and supporting software — takes the guesswork out of photography to give you some of the brightest, sharpest camera phone shots you’ve ever taken. Plus, its dual front lenses are superb for taking selfies — especially in portrait mode with a crystal-clear foreground and a pleasingly blurred background to make your selfies pop! The Pixel 3 retails for $799 at Google Store.
  • iPhone XS: For Apple aficionados, both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max feature some of the best camera phone results for those who like taking great snapshots with minimal complications and effort. With superb lighting effects, new sensors and the now world-famous easy-to-use Apple interface, both of these iPhone models come complete with dual 12MP rear lenses and a 7MP front lens. The only differences between the two models are their physical sizes, batteries, screen sizes — and, of course, their price tags. The 64GB version of the iPhone XS retails for $999, while the iPhone XS Max with the same amount of storage will set you back $1,099.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Released in March 2019, the Galaxy S10 Plus — as well as the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e — come complete with a new camera setup for fans of Samsung. Overall, the Galaxy S10 Plus makes our list for its versatility. For instance, its Live Focus mode allows you to change the background blur on your shots in post. Additionally, its three rear lenses — two 12MP and one 16MP — and dual front lenses — 10MP and 8MP — are great in low light. Plus, the dual front-facing lenses won’t disappoint when it’s selfie time. The Galaxy S10 Plus retails for $825 on Amazon.

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