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What Smartphones Come With a Stylus?

By March 13, 2019No Comments

Phones that feature built-in stylus pens are still relatively rare. Though stylus smartphones still have a way to go when it comes to recognition and adoption, users who invest in these phones tend to find them surprisingly useful.

Benefits of Phones That Come With a Stylus

With a built-in pen at the ready, stylus phones make it possible to write notes, edit photos, swipe between apps and even sketch out a picture with precision. Some advanced stylus phones even allow you to interact with certain features from a distance.

Because the stylus allows you to interact quickly and accurately, these devices are great to use for work, school and content creation. Need to highlight something in a document, scribble down some notes in class or edit a video on the go? You can do that with a stylus phone.

Top Stylus Phones for 2019

Samsung and LG lead the charge when it comes to producing smartphones with built-in styluses. In fact, these are the only big manufacturers really investing in stylus technology — aside from Huawei, at least, which offers stylus phones like the Mate 20 X, which are not available in the United States.

Though there isn’t a huge selection of stylus phones from different manufacturers on the market right now, you’ll still find plenty of options to fall in love with when searching for your new smartphone. Here are our top four stylus phones you can get in 2019:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s newest stylus phone. It features a powerful battery, 6 GB of RAM and an interface optimized for multitasking. You can use the built-in S-Pen to interact with the phone remotely.

The only downside? The Note 9 comes with a hefty price tag.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you’re not ready to splurge on a new smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 also makes a great choice.

The Note 8 includes a top-of-the-line camera and a long-lasting battery. Its version of the S-Pen allows you to hand-write messages, create gifs and take notes on the locked screen.

3. LG Q Stylus

The LG Q Stylus launched in June 2018 as a mid-market alternative to the Galaxy Note 8.

Though its specs aren’t quite as powerful as the other phones mentioned, the stylus allows you to create gifs, edit images, and make notes on a locked screen — just like the Note 8 and 9.

4. LG Stylo 3

The LG Stylo 3 is another mid-range stylus phone. It has a strong camera, 5.7-inch screen and runs Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s a great, versatile device that will give you the chance to try out a stylus without the cost barrier.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new stylus smartphone like the Galaxy Note 9, you’re sure to find some exciting new features to gush about.

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