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Using Smartphones to Increase Productivity

By August 15, 2016No Comments

If you own a smartphone, you probably know it can make your personal life much easier and more efficient. But using a smartphone for your job also offers a number of important benefits. You could say that smartphones in business and productivity go hand in hand. Here are several ideas about how you can incorporate your smartphone with your business activities to boost your effectiveness:

  • Making lists: Use your smartphone to make lists of action items that will help you stay organized and prioritize your activities. The best smartphone apps for business lists include LifeTopix, Pocket Information and Omnifocus.
  • Scanning: You can use your smartphone as a handheld scanner for recording documents and other business information.
  • Taking notes: There are a number of smartphone and tablet apps that allow you to use your device as a virtual notepad, eliminating the need to carry legal pads to meetings or to and from appointments.
  • Downloading podcasts: The best smartphones for business enable you to download industry-related podcasts so you can stay informed on the latest developments while you are on the go.
  • Managing tasks: Smart phone apps such as Toodledo simplify the task management process by enabling you to perform functions such as sorting information into files and setting reminders and project due dates.
  • Making presentations: If you are a tablet owner, you can use your device to make visual presentations to small groups. Adding a web camera allows you to use your tablet for video conferencing.