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Should I Use My Cell Phone While It’s Charging?

By February 15, 2017No Comments

Is it safe to use a cell phone while charging? You’ve probably heard a lot about cell phone safety while charging and what can happen. Can the phone explode? Will it die? Will it forget how to charge?

It’s natural to take any rumors you’ve heard about cell phone use while charging with a grain of salt, but it’s important to understand the truth. Here’s what you need to know.

Cell Phone Explosions Are Extremely Rare

While it’s a good idea to follow proper cell phone safety tips while charging, it’s unlikely your phone will explode while charging or at any other time through normal use or standard charging practices.

While explosions can happen and have, most notably with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they are much rarer than most people think.

It Is Not Recommended to Use Your Cell Phone While Charging

It is important to note that anything putting a strain on your cell phone’s battery while it’s charging should be avoided. While answering a quick text or checking your e-mail while the phone is plugged in is not a problem, doing extensive tasks on the phone while charging it makes the battery work harder.

It’s trying to absorb energy to charge while putting out energy for your use, and the result is a battery that can get overheated, drains faster and has to use more energy to do the same tasks. A battery that overheats enough without being able to dissipate that heat fast enough can explode or catch on fire.

This extreme scenario is unlikely, but you should keep in mind that you still could be using more energy and hurting your phone’s battery life by using it too much while charging.

There’s a Charging “Sweet Spot”

You don’t need to charge your phone’s Lithium-Ion Battery to 100 percent every time. In fact, doing this could shorten the battery life. The sweet spot is usually between about 40 percent and 80 percent charge. This allows the battery to work at optimum efficiency while charging easily when necessary. You should not let your battery drop to zero too often, as this can make it difficult for the battery to recharge, especially if you leave it at zero for an extended period of time.

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